12. It's important to understand this basic distinction between the two. Side effects for the meds work the same way. You don't get the "high" feeling addicts experience as quickly with the extended release formulation as you do with the immediate release formulation. Imagine you are a code-head and you are jonesing for some opioids and you get one that takes up to 6 hours for you to feel your high. The actual people who are addicted to this stuff and abuse it all go for the immediate release

13. formulation. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I dispense up to 1000 prescriptions per day. We currently only have one patient on a monthly prescription of purdues formulation. a 60 year old lady with severe cancer pains.

14. Oxycontin is also dramatic in price. This is from our distributor. So to paint a picture. a strung out drug addict living in squalor would have to pay nearly 1500 dollars for 100 pills of something that will get them high 6 hours after they take the pill. This is simply not happening. The drug of choice for addicts are the immediate release formulations made by companies such as KVK or mallinkrodt that cost less than 10% of the price.

15. I would also like to point out the name of another medication called buprenorphine. This is a medication that is designed specifically as an anti-addiction drug. It has shown to be very effective in weaning patients off of oxycodone. It is the gold standard treatment for addicts that go to the the clinics for help(in adjunct with behavioral therapy and mental therapy of course)

16. I've had many patients from treatment clinics that are put on the sublingual formulation who have successfully stopped taking oxycodone completely. Who is the company that creates this medication you ask?

17. How silly of a company who's goal was to get the population addicted and make money off oxycontin irregardless of human life to then in turn create an effective drug that will make the patients stop taking their product.

18. Conclusion: So did purdue pharma have a role in the opioid crisis? in my opinion, even if they did, it was minimal. If you're going to go the route of "oh it's big pharma's fault for creating the drug in the first place", purdue is probably one of the least culpable for the opioid crisis with their extended release formulation that very few abusers(if any) actually use. But it does seem like they will likely be scapegoated and sacrificed in order to make a point.

19. The fall of purdue for this reason is not a good thing in my opinion. American pharmaceutical innovation is responsible for helping and extending the lives of billions across the globe. They do so with profits created from doing the exact same thing purdue did. If we want the same innovation that has kept the US light years ahead of other countries, pharma companies can't be scared to create, market, and sell their products.



Thank you, Drop great explanation. True, addicts want their high now β€” no waiting. I have taken the quick release for dental issues it works and only need it for a couple of days. Your expertise is appreciated. πŸ’•

@JM No problem! wish there was a way to pull together my threads πŸ˜‚ oh well, i'm sure the people who are interested will find a way to read it

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the only way to put it together is to rewrite it. I learned that the hard way.

@watch4thedrop @JM

I know! That is why I wait until a threader is finished and writes [end] before replying. That's how I got jammed up....by threading to replies instead of the last toot of the thread. If that makes sense.?

@Kathleen @watch4thedrop @JM

[This is not directed at you, Drop...nor is it directed at anyone...just info]

Actually a very good point for both Quod Threaders and Quod Readers. Previously, did not understand the discontinue that could happen responding in the middle. Then learned, and now try not to interrupt a Quod who starts with THREAD, until they write /END. If one threads, and a Quoder comments in the middle, it is important to go back to the last thread toot and add next toot there.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Kathleen @JM ahh is that how it works? very possible thats what happened with my thread


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Keep threading whenever you feel the inspiration, 'cause we love 'em. 😘

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