-Saudi national oil company, Aramco, concludes its facilities were hit by missiles, according to people familiar with the subject.
-Saudis now expecting to restore all lost oil output within days.
-U.S. gov assessment: Up to 15 structures at Abqaiq were damaged.



Pompeo said that there's no evidence that the attacks came from Yemen.

So they were missiles fired from either Iran, Iraq, or Syria.

This shows you what would happen in a war with Iran. The mullahs and their proxies could fire 400,000 missiles in all directions.

In the last fighting with Hamas, the sheer volume of missiles and rockets overwhelmed the Israeli defenses.

If there were a war, EMP weapons would have to be used to stop the missiles from being launched.

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And despite this attack, PDJT has managed to turn it into a win for the US.

"I have also informed all appropriate agencies to expedite approvals of the oil pipelines currently in the permitting process in Texas and various other States."



Not to mention Thomas being spot on about Trump fully trusting the Saudis to lead the way in terms of an appropriate response.


@ThomasWic @HeshmatAlavi


I love the alliance of the GCC, Israel, and the USA. The formally dedicated alliance between the GCC and USA was publicized (not so much inside the USA) in May 2017 during Trump's first state visit... to KSA. Trump imparted to the GCC with great respect and dignity, an alliance of equals, with the GCC having the greater wisdom of how to address terrorism in the Middle East. The USA would be there when and how they indicated they wanted support.

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