Carpe Donktum posted this awesome short video on the
media and politicians' "Fine People" Hoax denigrating POTUS. Have bookmarked this on my browser to quickly pull up when necessary. One of the best tools I've seen to clearly show the duplicity. Crystal clear for anyone above a rabbit's IQ.

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Yep. And...have been approached by some people over the past 2 mos who are Independents but knew I was a Trump supporter (without me preaching), and wanted to know what I "think of __ regarding Trump". They were each MSM viewers and naive about looking for real source info. I have taken them through just a few real sources, do not spoon feed (they have to want it), then stepped back. Happy to see renewed enthusiasm in them. One lifted in hope is worth it.


Absolutely, Quod is a great source to go off and dig further. However, the people referenced in that specific toot are not ready for Quod. For clarity, am not being judgemental or derogatory. Just recognizing that some of my loved ones and pals are very new to moving beyond their MSM standards of their past 20-50 years of adulthood. They do not scour the internet for real sources like I enjoy, and with which others here are comfortable.

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They are just now starting to get acquainted with the facts that America experienced an attempted soft coup 2016-2017. I took one woman on her request ("Where can I watch a Trump rally uninterrupted, because I want to watch him and how he speaks and acts and what he says?) simply to on a rally night.

Sorry, got to go to a 3/2, out of characters, but going to say this.

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3/2 She had been avidly anti-Trump just by watching MSM. Over a week, she moved from that connection to Tom Fitton's Judicial Watch site and is often calling me about things like: "Do you freakin' know what Tom found out from Fo-ya???" As some have said, there are enough that may know to vote for Trump 2020. But when people WANT to grow, even late, I love giving them something to chew on to join in to the renaissance that is the 2019-2020 USA.

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