Gah. House votes not to remove rematks and now I guess yes to give her speaking rights back. Of corse they did. No honor Democrats!


Thank you for link to connection. Pelosi's volatile remarks are roughly 3:17 in. Much discombobulation. Am at 3:26 with no continuance of audio yet, but interactions and body language on both sides interesting. Dems ganging up on the left side of the dias; Repubs respectfully holding back while the clerk gets their act together to read back Pelosi's comments. Slow going. See Nunes in the bottom right corner, love him! Appreciate GA Rep Doug Collins efforts.

Excrutiating. Cannot imagine being in the heat of the moment and enduring that. Gaetz, Nunes, McCarthy on the right of screen shaking heads continually in disgust. Seems to be complicated for the parliamentarian staff to find the right rule to let the Speaker off the hook. As we now know, Pelosi was found to have violated the House rules on decorum against personally denigrating the POTUS, but the Dems then vote to skirt consequences preventing her from speaking further this day.


I am reminded of watching football games. The head parliamentarian repeatedly goes up to speak to the presiding House Chairman (D), covering his mouth to block the view. I keep looking for the classic football "Waffle House" laminated card of plays to discuss with coaches on the sidelines. It is surreal.

@Lemonhead 😘

They (D's) are really trying to work out a plausible out. As we know, they do not find it, as the day goes down in the flames of 200+ years of House of Rep rules of decorum and debate.



Sigh, CSPAN just broke continuous coverage while they wait for competency and normal expediency to suddenly hit the brains of the House of Reps leadership and staff. Hate that, because viewers have no idea what is cut out and not covered. Grrrr. Hanging on. They are showing repeat of Pelosi's insipid comments; muting until they get back to flowing coverage.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis they are supposed to have more votes I think. Thanks for coverage


US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi flounced out and left the floor while in session, and while she was being considered for violation of House rules. Rules in place for our US Reps, and followed for 250 HUNDRED years where a Congress-person under scrutiny for rules violation remains on the floor during evaluation - just thrown out of our Congress by the actions of Ds. She was found in violation, but the D's, get this, just voted to excuse her. 1st in US history.


1/2 Idiot, manipulative CSPAN happened not to cover this scene live (awkward, yes? After 4 hours of continuous coverage??). Cleaver, standing- in Chairman, throws down the mike and gives up. CSPAN shows it after the fact, but apparently the real-in-moment cameras after 4 straight hours of rolling, were not on and did not capture this. 🤨


"They" report in post-edited video - Cleaver determined Pelosi broke House rules, but he supports that they do not ever ever want to avoid escalation of issues; "they want to fight". What? Forget it. Done. Stick a fork in it - done. Ridiculous. The masks dropping are glorious, recognize it; at times uncomfortable, but mask dropping is ultimately for the best of US and our world. Good things are and can happen. Stay smart and vigilant and expand your sources. Thanks, Lemon!! Out

@Lemonhead @Baline

Do not see Baline here on thread. Elsewhere, on their thread? Best. Also, exhausted from this and from the day's work in general, so out of respect for fellow Quods, likely not to reach out further tonight while tired and depleted. Maybe peruse casually and enjoy and boost. Mind is temporarily mush, Lemon, after that historical debacle. 😳

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Lemonhead thanks lemonhead for pointing out the play by play. Homesweethome, you take care of yourself and get some rest. We'll all be here later/tomorrow.

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