Go, Sidney, Go!!! You magnificent Flynn lawyer, you.

"Noteworthy from the Flynn hearing today... The great @SidneyPowell1 mentions a possible need for security clearance. DOJ says they didn't provide classified information. Powell responds: "That's with regards to what they produced. There is other information." And the judge goes "Oh. Now you have piqued the government's interest." And the DOJ lawyers meltdown. Mommy.



On Recusal of the Judge:

"Additionally, the law provides that the presiding judge determine whether recusal is required, meaning Sullivan will be the one deciding whether to recuse himself."


Why are you thinking Judge Sullivan needs to recuse? He is going on info provided. I may have missed something...

While he has made a few questionable outbursts, at least one major one that I know he then backed off on, I would rather him stay on because he knows the case and evidence the DOJ lawyers presented, and if he finds there was exculpatory evidence withheld, a mass spanking will occur.


1/2 Ah, good article ETP, by Margot Cleveland, kudos.

I tend to agree with Cleveland's analysis that pushing Judge Sullivan to recuse from the case is the more risky avenue. In my sight, despite his outbursts, there is a continuum, where he knows the the history of the case as presented by both sides, with the evidence. They are better off maintaining that continuum. In 2/2, there is a quot from Cleveland's article that rang strong to me. ...



"Powell may also prefer that Sullivan continue to preside over Flynn’s case because he entered the standing order directing the government to produce “any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment,” and requiring the government to submit any favorable evidence that it believes is not material to the court to allow the court to determine whether it needed to be turned over to Flynn."

by Margot Cleveland



3/2 😀

This.. this... seems more likely for success, and why Powell is seeking security clearance.

Motion to Compel, Motion to Comply, or Motion to Show Cause

Instead, the more likely approach will be for Powell to file a motion to enforce Judge Sullivan’s standing order, assuming, of course, that during her review of the file, Powell discovers that the special counsel team did not provide Flynn’s previous attorneys all evidence material to the charges against Flynn.

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