Go, Sidney, Go!!! You magnificent Flynn lawyer, you.

"Noteworthy from the Flynn hearing today... The great @SidneyPowell1 mentions a possible need for security clearance. DOJ says they didn't provide classified information. Powell responds: "That's with regards to what they produced. There is other information." And the judge goes "Oh. Now you have piqued the government's interest." And the DOJ lawyers meltdown. Mommy.

Just, just give Sidney Brennan's clearance already. Just take the damn card, scratch his name out, and write "Sidney Powell aka Extraordinaire, 6/24/2019" It is probably not "a card", but that is how the discussion is going on now in my head. Here... I'll do it.



I love this.

Go @SidneyPowell and @GenFlynn...

we can tell simply from the publicly available info, and your epic unintended body language, that things are going well.

Not only will complete exoneration be inevitable thanks to the skill of both of you, many other corruption issues are being exposed as a result.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐


She should receive clearance, she will require it to read all related materials. Go lady! ^5


She is going after the exculpatory classified info the DOJ did not provide Flynn nor the judge. That they withheld. Against the law. Oh gosh, the COPS theme is running through my head, unbidden mind you.

@JM @Angela

1/2 Separate tangent. About COPS. When I was up in Iceland two years ago, I stayed in simple little B&Bs/farmhouses all over the countryside while road tripping. In one I had a very special host, Uxi, who had abandoned his career in cosmopolitan Reykjavík as a 5-star chef to open his home in the country to traveling guests. He cooked Iceland salmon for us while we watched seated at his kitchen bar. Yum. Later we went out on the back porch to kick back and chat.

@JM @Angela

He was a delightful yarn spinner about history, and politics, and everything under the sun. But he revealed that American COPS was his and his buddies' favorite TV show. And then made a disgusted face and said, "We could never have an Iceland COPS... it would be boring... all parking tickets". I did not know whether to laugh or cry. 😂

@JM @Angela

Safe with the normal awareness and precautions, but yes, safer than most. Boring? No, delightful people, delightful smallest capital in Europe (think the older sections of San Francisco without the needles, poo, and vagrants), great art, music, fashion. Very eclectic.
And one of the most dynamically breathtaking countries ever experienced. As one drives the ring road on the coasts (the inner island is rugged and basically not inhabited), the scenery changes every 5 minutes.


Oops, I am not saying it is boring to foreigners, the locals — since they like Cops...😁 We have crazies everywhere in 'merica.


@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @JM @Angela The same when I visited a friend on the Isle of Man (British). I read the newspaper and it was all about someone stealing milk off a back porch, etc.


Personally, I hope Weismann, Van Grack, and Strozk are buck naked in their kitchens holding pancake spatulas when the FBI or US Marshalls bust down their doors in military gear with a FOX news crew (screw CNN) hot on their heels with the camera. That would be grand.


On Recusal of the Judge:

"Additionally, the law provides that the presiding judge determine whether recusal is required, meaning Sullivan will be the one deciding whether to recuse himself."


Why are you thinking Judge Sullivan needs to recuse? He is going on info provided. I may have missed something...

While he has made a few questionable outbursts, at least one major one that I know he then backed off on, I would rather him stay on because he knows the case and evidence the DOJ lawyers presented, and if he finds there was exculpatory evidence withheld, a mass spanking will occur.


1/2 Ah, good article ETP, by Margot Cleveland, kudos.

I tend to agree with Cleveland's analysis that pushing Judge Sullivan to recuse from the case is the more risky avenue. In my sight, despite his outbursts, there is a continuum, where he knows the the history of the case as presented by both sides, with the evidence. They are better off maintaining that continuum. In 2/2, there is a quot from Cleveland's article that rang strong to me. ...


"Powell may also prefer that Sullivan continue to preside over Flynn’s case because he entered the standing order directing the government to produce “any evidence in its possession that is favorable to defendant and material either to defendant’s guilt or punishment,” and requiring the government to submit any favorable evidence that it believes is not material to the court to allow the court to determine whether it needed to be turned over to Flynn."

by Margot Cleveland


3/2 😀

This.. this... seems more likely for success, and why Powell is seeking security clearance.

Motion to Compel, Motion to Comply, or Motion to Show Cause

Instead, the more likely approach will be for Powell to file a motion to enforce Judge Sullivan’s standing order, assuming, of course, that during her review of the file, Powell discovers that the special counsel team did not provide Flynn’s previous attorneys all evidence material to the charges against Flynn.

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