Hi, David. Love your art. I started oil painting at age 40 with a lot of trepidation. One of my first attempts was a portrait of my boy from a photo (he insisted on going out in the snow in both his Spidey knit cap and cowboy hat). Loved how forgiving oils are. And flesh is the hardest color tone to nail!! I had to re-try his facial features 10 times. There are 10 son's faces underneath this one that nailed it finally. Joy. He is now 21! Art- an awesome state.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @davidohlerking You have done a great job there. I hope you kept on with your oil painting. Chris Saper has guides for skin colour that a so good. I have provided one extract as an example.


@MarieGreen @davidohlerking

Marie, will look into this, and thanks. Of interest are the blues and greens to the right of the chart. I am highly analytical, very left brain introvert. I stare intensely at beautiful works of art in museums where the painters use colors that would never occur to me. Celebrate where other artists will bring in blues/greens to shadow flesh tones. Just not intuitive to me. But I like it like that. Like being me - like their works, with different skills.

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