David French wants us to play nice with the Smiling Somali.

Well, it took longer than I expected for a shame monger to respond to my rant from yesterday.

Oh wait! It's probably the tar-baby reference. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Here's some more joy: my grand-niece Karter and her doggie.

My nephew's lovely wife keeps us all steeped in photos since the family is stationed in Alaska.

Dinner about to happen. Burgers, succotash, green salad. Tortillas, probably.

I used almost all the vegetables I got from Imperfect Fruit the other day. Left out the artichoke. I got tired of chopping.

The fruit will be juiced tomorrow.

Normally, I don't put fruit in salad, but this time ... mango.

Candace is researching a topic I addressed years back, which is great.

Had to clear the frig and make room for the new fruit and vegetables.

This will be tomorrow's Go Juice.

Purple Drank

Red cabbage

Fair-skinned people should be careful with this concoction. Too much of it will make you visibly purple.

Why America is great. I get these from Imperfect Fruit. You can be almost broke and still eat right.

Also because it is not news that many to most politician are in it for the sex ... no pun intended.

Well, that's an hour and a half -- give or take -- of my life that I'll never get back.

For some reason, I kept forgetting to post this. A purchase from some weeks ago. @ThomasWic

Observation from a friend:

"Pandering always rolls downward not across or upward. You pander to children and pets not to adults whose opinions you respect."

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