Justin Trudeau darkens somebody's door.

Does anyone know what the deal is with rich white kids and blackface?
It's like observing some unnamed neurosis.

Grand-niece update. Nephew and Niece-in-law took these of my Karter. Nephew is stationed in Alaska.

In the pic where K is crying, her mom says she was scared of the leaves, but got over it.

Funny stuff about the crying pic: we grandmas and great-aunties were all sad-face emojis.

But my dad, K's great-grandpa, cracked us all up.

"When I find out who made her cry, they are in deep trouble."

Glad I never watched The Wire.

But I'm having fun with this guy.

I had a good Sunday. Old USAF friend Julie Y. swang through for a visit. We had breakfast, went to church and laughed at lot!

To celebrate her 50th birthday and retirement from a Michigan police force, she's visiting all 50 states, mostly on her motorcycle.

She had to fly to HI, obviously, and came to see me on the return to the mainland.

Just found of that FB had me on 3 day suspension this past week for posting this. OO is a friend.

David French wants us to play nice with the Smiling Somali.

Well, it took longer than I expected for a shame monger to respond to my rant from yesterday.

Oh wait! It's probably the tar-baby reference. In fact, I'm sure of it.

Here's some more joy: my grand-niece Karter and her doggie.

My nephew's lovely wife keeps us all steeped in photos since the family is stationed in Alaska.

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