I like the part where he's holding the Big Gulp in one hand and shooting accurately with the other.

Prayed God's peace on him.


He was a hero, terrible that he had to make the decision to act. He really was left with no choice, everybody there could of ended up dead. Another unsung hero that walks in our mist. Thank you for sharing this hero's story!


@JM @baldilocks @Aristocratic_Cthulhu

Awesome story. He did the right thing. God help him through mentally, physically and spiritually. ❤️🙏🏻

@Cdubois @baldilocks

God puts us where he needs us sometimes. Bless his heart. 💝

@Seedsaver @Cdubois @baldilocks

Absolutely true. And we never know when or where that will be.

Always be alert!


Good for him.

I hope his internal scars heal soon and that he never falls into second guessing his decision to shoot.

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