Sometimes God will remind you that He runs things. But your eyes have to be open to it.

I'm no different. He showed Himself to me when I was four years old, but didn't see it until after I began looking for it. God's eye surgery.

I was able to see it then. Only took 53 years.


Very good. I think many people could have stories of God’s protection if they had eyes to see. Life is not like the TV show Touched By An Angel, where the angel introduces herself at the end of each intervention. God just does His work and passes on.


That's a great example of a miracle.

Too many people pay lip service to the idea of miracles. They don't allow themselves see it happening around them, therefore these are just fanciful stories. The cold reality is that they do not believe in miracles and the idea of small daily miracles don't stand a chance. Deep down do they really believe Christ did miracles, or are those merely more stories?

Evidence of miracles is everywhere if you allow yourself to see it.


What a great testament to life. Thanks for sharing such a powerful testimony. There are so many similarities, felt we were sisters from different mothers. Not only in the spiritual evolution, but my mom was also a telephone operator until dial tone took over.


People fail to see how God works through people.

Your story played like a movie in my mind. You do good work!

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