If you think that this world is all there is, this might be a challenge that opinion.


Yes, but look at the results of the game: ANGELS 13-0. No-hitter by two pitchers.

That is supernatural.

yep, saw that..i had tears in my eyes..God is amazing.Sitting here,i just keep thinking about the story and just cant stop smiling


As someone who grew up down the street from Angel Stadium, and practically lived there during the season, even though I'm now in Montana, this game touched my heart and soul.

The Seattle Mariners is the only baseball team regularly televised in NW Montana. What a blessing last nights game was against the Angel's.


I was going to look for that! Thanks.

I read that Mrs. Skaggs was a softball coach. Prayed for her.

@baldilocks @ThomasWic

Yep. She can throw. (Ex softball player here, so I noticed 😏). Prayers for her for sure.


I've never seen a lady throw over hand that far and straight, much less in the strike zone.

@baldilocks @ThomasWic In an article About Skaggs it mentions him asking Debbie for pitching instruction. My husband played the video for me but forewarned me I would cry. Debbie has an impressive arm that looked shredded.💪

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