Another funny family story.

You all know that God blessed me with three dads: my Kenyan (bio) Dad, my great-uncle John, and my American Dad, Johnny D.

Most of the funny and the sage comes from American Dad.

So Dad and I are talking on the phone several years ago about him and Mom getting old. Their 50th anniversary is next year.

Anyway, he says: "If, God forbid, your mom leaves here before I do, I'm starting a monastery. No women.

"It will be all about food. We will feed everyone."

Dad is the eldest and his mom designated him as the family cook early on. Fortunately, he loves it and is good at it.

Mom is good, too, but Dad is better, and she likes it less than he does. So Dad has done 90% of the cooking for the last 25 years or so.

Dad continues about his monastery plans:

"No perverts. And if a guy is homosexual, he will keep it to himself. No sex at all.

"Breakers of the rules will be booted"

Me: "But, Dad! What about your daughters and your granddaughters?"

Dad has five sisters, three daughters, three granddaughters, and has had two wives. And, now, he has a great-granddaughter.

Dad: "Well, ya'll can come visit ... but you can't stay!"

We both cracked up.



One of the things I love about my dad is that he likes women *as people.*

I think he just needs a break from his crazy female relatives.

He and Mom have taken a couple of breaks from each other already, while keeping the vows in tact.

That's how they've kept it together for almost half a century.


Love this story. Full of love. Nothing is easy. My parents were married over 50 years. You must have a sense of humor. My parents were not perfect but they were awesome and could laugh at their foibles. That’s nicely human. Thanks mom and dad in heaven.


My parents will be married for 59 years next’s been a wild ride but worth every second!
This picture was taken on their honeymoon.

My brother photoshopped a halo over my mother’s head, she’s earned it 😊


That’s a wonderful story!

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Yes it works! Can attest to that. We were married 42 years before he passed away.

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