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Surgery like that is an elite diseases. I see it all the time in LA, people make themselves into monsters. Not on purpose, they’re just obsessed with the outside. Void inside.

Nah. I’m going to sleep and wake up around 4. Early Saturday mornings are wonderfully quiet.

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@ThomasWic @umad80 @baldilocks My brother, at age 67, was diagnosed with very aggressive stage 3 (internal) Melanoma. It started INSIDE his body and grew a huge tumor OUTWARD. He refused medical treatment until he had mo choice. An 11 hr surgery, radiation + immunotherapy succeeded. They gave him the new immunotherapy given to Jimmy Carter for the cancer. My brother is still alive and going strong. A checkup every 3 months & so far he is clear of cancer. Just incredible.

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@umad80 @baldilocks

Cancer treatment has made incredible strides.

They can make it a chronic condition that won't reduce your lifespan.

I know an 87-year-old who beat Stage IV metastasized ovarian cancer.

She's now in her seventh year of being cancer free. A checkup every three months is all she has to do, cancer-wise.

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Karma is a bitch.

Whatever you do and say boomerangs.

Just keep that in mind.

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@baldilocks God bless you every day of your life, Juliette. We here at SQV have your back 1000%. Not black? Well, then, that is one great tan! ❤️ 🙏

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I'm seeing folks expressing glee at Ginsburg's misfortune.

Jokes, memes, hopes for a quick demise....

Pancreatic Cancer is a terribly painful death. Steve Job's misfortune too.

I've taken care of many a person who deteriorates in horrific pain while begging me for more pain medication.

Sure, some folks are mentally unstable on social media. But others "forget" their humanity while hidden behind a keyboard.

May Justice Ginsburg settle her affairs and live her remaining days in peace.

Today at my patreon account.

I'll probably do another one tonight, now that I have a proper phone.

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@ThomasWic This video showed up in my suggestions on youtube. I'm not a bass aficionado like yourself, so pretty much any bass sounds good to me. This young lady is only 18 and self taught, and she's playing one of my favorite Luther Vandross songs.

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"She got this far because the upper echelons of the Dems don't believe in God, but do believe in crazy." 😂

I've been accused of being a white dude using a black woman's avatar before. It was fun.

But, seriously, making this assertion is an attempt to "un-person" black conservatives. The upside: more videos made by black conservatives.

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I decided to have a little heart to heart with him. Told him the Dimms aren’t worth getting that upset over.

I reminded him that Trump is his president and all will be well, @ThomasWic said so.

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Today my son and his wife welcomed Bode Michael into the world.

He weighed 11 lbs. 1 oz!

I told him that everything would be ok because Trump is his president.

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High School Debater & Teachers Pet, Ben Shapiro, weighs in with yet another foot-in-mouth comment.

It's a JOKE, Benji. You know, one of those 'ha ha' things that the other kids used to enjoy, when you weren't snitching on them.

Ben Shapiro is yet another humorless establishment Republican, one of the crowd that bent over and let Obama screw America & Israel between 2008-2016.

His arrogance is astonishing.

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I do hope he comes there!! LA needs a boost from Patriots!!


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