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Charlie Kirk

will be the first president to speak LIVE at the March For Life in Washington DC

This is the most pro-life president in history

This is why 2020 matters

The president is standing up for the millions of unborn children killed since 1973

2:35 PM · Jan 22, 2020

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This is EXACTLY what the homeless woman stalking me sounds like.

She did this the last time the cops arrested her, but she was directing all of it AT ME.

In front of the cops.

They asked me if I felt threatened, and then they asked me if she told me that she would use a specific weapon to kill me.

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Evening Quods and Happy MLK day! A little Scatman Crothers and Redd Foxx to make you smile.

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Iranian Americans in Los Angeles hold a conference in support of the Iranian people's uprising & the opposition coalition NCRI, with a minute of silence for the 176 victims of the Ukraine Int'l Airlines flight PS752 that was shot down by the IRGC.

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@baldilocks @Christyml7

I wonder what the deal is.

My hair was down to my shoulders. I have a "guide comb" that lets me cut it down to about two inches. But I was zoning out.

Maybe it was time for me to have a shaved head.

I thought about shaving just the top of my head and leaving the rest long.

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The Democrats will get their witnesses, the Republican witnesses will be blocked, and then Trump will take the stand.

He'll have given his defense team material that he declassified for the trial.

Only his defense team will have seen the material.

The greatest show in American history.

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I had no idea that hair retains so much head warmth.

My head is FREEZING.

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I just accidentally shaved my head.

Normally I cut my hair with a Number 4 attachment on the clipper.

This time I forgot, and when I realized what I was doing, I was already 2/3 of the way finished.

Behold the shortest my hair has ever been in 56 years.

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