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The tweet you linked is from @baldilocks . Haven’t seen her around here in quite while. Miss her toots.

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Funny, just today someone here posted a link to former Quod, @baldilocks, who writes about biden continuing obama's work, within the context of Hanlen's Razor.

"never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

"Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up," Obama told a fellow Democrat during the 2020 presidential primary.


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Look what I found!

Me in Sapporo, Japan, in 1983.

I'm 21 years old.

And I look totally insane and dangerous.

Crazy eyes.

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@baldilocks Agree! Everyone can lose weight....they just have to want to. I feel much better already! My son has lost 85 pounds. So proud of him!

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@baldilocks For me, the trick is to stay conscious throughout the day. When I'm busy or on auto pilot is when I do the worst.

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@baldilocks I know sugar's a big one- and that's not my partucular weakness. That being said I was putting a lot of sugar in my coffee in the am- 3-4 tsp- and whole milk. I just cut it down to one, on my way to 0, and am using a non dairy creamer(Silk Almond Creamer is excellent, btw.) They're finally getting it right with these alternatives. The other is wanting something sweet when I'm tired. The goal is to rest or drink water instead. I had a convo. in my head yesterday, talking myself down😊

People have asked. It's simple. No carbs, no sugar (including fruit which I was eating a lot), no booze. Lots of water, lean meats and selected vegetables.

I was walking 3-4 miles 5 days a week for a bit, but because of a foot problem, I haven't been out in about a month and a half. I still kept losing.

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Excellent ‼️👏🙌 💃 I did the same 2 years ago on my 65th birthday and still holding at 140-145! I think you’ve got this..

Before: 192. Sort of after (today): 160.

My goal is 142. I promise to smile when I take that photo.

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This picture was posted on Saturday showing Stephen Miller visiting Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago.
Besides the 18 minute interview with daughter in law Lara (that much of Social Media immediately banned)and a few phone calls to Fox Anchors Trump has been limiting his contact with the public to posts on his website like this one (Pic 2)
where's he's gone from one of THE most accessible public figures in modern times to one of the most SHADOWED.

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@baldilocks @Lolosmom

They're gorgeous and look very healthy, to me! So beautiful. Thanks for the update, my dear! 💞

Thanks for all the assistance!

Okay, let's try this again.

You all remember my grand-niece Karter, of course. Well Karter has a little sister now.

Meet Adrianne. Born in November.

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@baldilocks I've found that when this happens, I convert it into a .gif format.

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The issue might be due to the meta data on the photo
try emailing it first
I remember Saul saying the meta data is usually the issue


I was going to give you all an update on my grand-niece(s), but it seems that I am no longer able to attach a photo.

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It basically wants to federalize what California passed that decimated their gig workers, as Lisa and Juliette can attest. Lisa fought it hard.

@Lisa22 @baldilocks

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