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Hey Baldi!!!

I'm a Wacoan, and my wife and I were at the Doris Miller monument 2 weeks ago.

I said that Miller was a cook. He was not trained to shoot down airplanes.

But when the shooting started, he behaved as true men do. He did what he had to do under the circumstances.

He didn't say, "that's someone else's job."

He didn't say, "I could go to jail for shooting without orders."

He didn't say, "I'll get in trouble for stepping out of line."

NO! Doris Miller acted!!

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@baldilocks @JM

Thank you for share. Loved this...

"There was a Navy destroyer escort/frigate named in Miller’s honor – the USS Miller, service date 1973 to 1991.

What I love about Doris Miller’s existence is that the man was here for only a short time and merely playing the cards that life dealt him when he performed the action that will long outlive him. When the challenge came, he stepped to it and met it — something intrinsic in heroes and heroism."


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Great piece, Juliette! I learned about a hero, I had never heard of before. Thank you. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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WOW!!! Some real talent!

creative_doks (@Doks_Art) Tweeted:

This is my second portrait of President Trump. This time I really want him to see it. All done in ballpoint, took up to 70hours, '24×21' inches.
Please RT till the president sees this🙏🏽

@realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @POTUS

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I’m seeing people compare Mainland Chinese oppression to political dissenters as “Nazism”. Ok, my friends, name-calling someone a Nazi in hopes that it creates shame ONLY WORKS IN THE WEST! When you call someone from the Mainland (especially older) a Nazi, you are calling them Corrie Ten Boom or Schindler. Huh? Let me introduce to a complex specimen of cognitive dissonance: John Heinrich Rabe.

I have three fathers. One has moved on to the Next World, One cooks and pastors. One writes. This is from the latter. Herein you find out why my last name is not Otani, but it could be if I wanted.

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Thanks for the explanation.

It confirms if you don't keep an eye on the ball and on your politicians there is a strong chance they will be found to not be working to benefit you.

African kleptocrats are more honest than those who have taken trillions from our pockets in the name of defending us from harm.

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Haha, good one @baldilocks

baldilocks -- Boomer and Retired Cold Warrior (@JulietteAkinyi) Tweeted:

It is a good thing for some that breathing is an autonomic function.

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People can and do drive themselves insane.

It becomes habitual, and then they tell themselves that they can't pull out of it.

I'm of the opinion that with enough effort, people can cure themselves of most forms of insanity.

Medication helps, but a person must be willing to overcome the affliction through brutally honest self-appraisal.

It's exhausting just reading about the craziness in Hunter Biden's life.

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We know, of course, why there where no whistleblowers in the news during the Obama Administration. Obama prosecuted and persecuted the first few and everyone was too scared to stand up after that.


The usual monthly digest of stuff I wrote which a trusty remnant of loyal readers has, of course, already read. But maybe the rest of you haven't.

Not mentioned in the piece: Boudin is Bill Ayers' and Bernardine Dohrn's adopted son. His bio parents went to prison. Dohrn, Ayers, and Boudin's other parents were all bigwigs in the Weather Underground.

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