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@baldilocks lovely Down syndrome children are a blessing to the world . Such happy people.

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@baldilocks Yes, teaching sign language to babies, esp those with developmental delay, is an excellent strategy.

A lot of the stress a baby feels day to day is from not yet having the words to express their needs. They cry or scream instead, which further stresses them out.

Visual learning of hand signs is much easier for their brain than producing speech. These skills will be a huge help to this dear little boy and his family.

The human brain is a miraculous thing. Babies prove it.

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Just because ...

Long-time online friends -- a married couple -- had their fourth child no more than six months ago. Little boy born with Down Syndrome.

I don't know if he's deaf or not but they have been teaching him sign language.

They say that he already has about a five-word vocabulary, including "please," "milk," and, of course, "Mama."

How freaking awesome is that?

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Citizens of Laguna Beach met to vote on the patriotic decals on cop cars that "offended" illegals.

Not only did they vote to keep the decals, but after the vote the group of Californians broke out into the National Anthem."

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Like Buckin Billy Ray Smith says, "Friend just show up for life."

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@baldilocks @ThomasWic
I always found how cool a lot of that music is, is how the celebration of spirituality didn't get "preachy" so anyone could enjoy it.

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But I waited, because I knew that JUST MAYBE, something would change, and I would not remain the person I was.


For the better.

So just avoid negativity. I'm not saying become a happy, shiny person, grinning and giggling with joy.

I'm saying just don't live in darkness.

It can kill you.


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He was a professional, so he knew how to do it without causing harm, and I knew it wasn't personal.

We had established that he wasn't going to be my buddy.

I was a science project.

And it worked.

He got me to see that I was self-indulgent and self-pitying.


But I saw the light.

And I stopped what I was doing.

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I went deep inside myself and tried to figure out how to improve.

The dead girl was in love with her misery.

I HATED my misery.

She was into music.

When I was 18, my favorite band was Led Zeppelin.

The music took me places.

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Good job, girl!!

The wife and I have changed our diet regimen this year and have lost 20 pounds each since Jan 1. I've lost 7 inches around my waist. Wife has lost 6.5!!!

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I wouldn't call myself a happy person, but I'm content, and I'm not UNHAPPY.

If you manage your expectations, you'll do fine.

All the negative people I knew?

They all came to bad ends. They married, had kids, got rich--and now they're so miserable that they're as toxic as plutonium.

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I don't know her background. My own was filled with violence and psychological trauma that only my brother understands.

But here's the thing:

I knew when I was FIVE YEARS OLD that I was an alien.

What kept me going was that THE FUTURE could be different.

I also did something that the dead girl didn't:

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I read her journal. I felt the same things.

So why did I make it to 56, and she killed herself at 18?

There's a specific reason that I'm listening to VDH's "Case for Trump."

I'll blog about those reasons.

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You have a wonderful talent for turning a phrase. Busted out laughing at this one. "keeping the evidence".

That's a keeper. 😂

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You are so photogenic!

That expression says so much.

VERY ambiguous in a good way.

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