Fauci and Birx are flaming liberals but experts in their field. Trump was forced to take them on, he can’t fire them and why would he? Strategical it’s better to have them “on your team” than a free radical out their banging around social media and networks acting out Wile E Coyote dreams.

The Dems strategy of kicking and screaming till they get their way isn't good for the country.

The dems aren't going to peter out like little kids.

Dear Lord hear my prayer. Please let the R's win the house for the sake of your people.

Fauci talks out both sides of his face.

It’s good practice for healthcare to wear masks to prevent from catching CNV.

Fauci: It’s also best practice for patients to wear ask mask to prevent spreading.

Reporter: what about private citizens?
Fauci: it hasn’t been proven it helps.

I wanna toss the guy out a window when he says shit like that.

So, it looks like my tweet was whacked or my account is ghost.

None the less here is the video. Go to about 3:28 in and Fauci is 100% lying about being out of beds and venitator in New York. That statement was out right lie.


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I would support President Trump replacing the entire press corps at his next news conference with one doctor, one nurse, one truck driver, one teacher, one cop, one grocery clerk, one pilot, one waiter and one high school kid.

And let them ask the questions that actually matter.

Does anyone know why all these people stepped down?

I checked 80% of the list and out of those all are stepping down.

I’m not a big fan of invisible enemies. Like “war on terror”’, if you can’t name your enemy then you can’t defeat it.

I’m observing President Trump supporters on other sites, question Cuomo’s and Newsom’s motives for supporting the Feds response to the virus. And they’re right to question it based on past performance.

I think they need each other, like lonely ex lovers who rub each other for a night. In the morning there won’t be a semblance it existed other than Invisible mixed genetic code on the sheets.

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POTUS continues to remind that he inherited a BROKEN CDC.

He's not wrong.

Last few years, they've been working on "Social Justice."

Anyone hearing about Trump buying up barrels of cheap Saudi Oil?

The movies Hollywood could write if they could speak the truth.

Everything that comes from China through US Customs, per country of origin rules have a made in China label. Why? Because it’s from China.

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8. POTUS Trump is 100% correct - FakeNews IS the enemy of the American Republic.

Because they have been bribed by the Chinese regime, America's #1 enemy.

Their toady 'reporters' are the public face part of a much bigger iceberg, that leans toward Xi and his goons.

Trump is a powerful threat to the Chinese regime and these corporations. Their interests are aligned in destroying him.

Let us pray that they do not succeed.

The end.

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Can you imagine Biden in an open presser answering questions like President Trump?

I can't.

How cute, the DNC Media complex hairs are raised. These people are all children. Go away.

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