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Obama came after Trump and his family.

As did Clinton.

Come at the King, Don't Miss as the saying goes.

They missed. BIGLY.

Now, they PAY.

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On the record statement from business partner of Hunter Biden. This is serious....

Hunter biz partner confirms e-mail, details Joe Biden's push to make millions from China: Goodwin nypost.com/2020/10/22/hunter-b via @nypost

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100k followers on twitter.

What a legend.

Wictor is a hero and inspiration to many of us. He gave me my twitter start. One RT by Thomas and my account went nuts.

Back then, Thomas had something like 28k followers. It was a small group of us and Thomas was in the middle of it.

If the twitter cretins hadn't hassled him, Tom would be 1 million + followers now. EASY.

Be in no doubt. Wictor is social media's first great writer.

A digital Hemingway.


"I'll have a lot to write about here on Twitter during Trump's second term.

The best is yet to come.

Can't you feel it?

It now has an inevitable quality to it.

We CAN get cocky.

TRUMP is."


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Biden campaign - Biden bombshell is 'Russian misinformation'.

Oh man.

This is about the worst possible response.

It draws MORE attention to the jaw-dropping scandal.

AND it draws more attention to the Trump/Russia hoax and investigation, which remains ongoing.

Don't they realize yet that Trump would have already gamed this response?


They're all over the place. And desperate.

Trump is an ALPHA PREDATOR for a reason.

Watch, learn, etc.


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Ron - it seems that our time in the trenches all these years may end up being worth it, after all.

Trump has them all trapped.

Whenever I've dared to say that I think Trump is a genius - a REAL one - my liberal friends laugh.

I suspect they won't be laughing soon.

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Newly resurfaced video shows Joe Biden calling servicemembers “stupid bastards”

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"South Korean President Moon Jae-in restated a call Wednesday for the declaration of an end to the Korean War, saying it would pave the way for complete denuclearization and lasting peace on the peninsula."
What if THAT happened before the election?!

Keep your fingers crossed.

And remember:

Walk without rhythm, and it won't attract the worm.

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@Debradelai @awfulangel
He was probably always an asshole,he just tried hiding it with the hat

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For the very same reason Ronald Reagan appointed Emmet G. Sullivan in 1984 to the Superior Court of DC.

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@awfulangel @redwhitebluedude @oystergirl

The large student population in MA will matter much less this year. The large scale get-out-the-vote events that take place on campuses won't be happening.

And many colleges have gone primarily or completely online anyway.

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No apologies required...😊 You, sir are in the company of 'the many'. Better late than never

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