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Trump has always defeated his opponents.

Soros said that Obama was his greatest disappointment.

Part of that was Obama's weakness, but part--most?--was sabotage.

And if the Democrats were and are still being sabotaged, there's only one person with the skill to pull it off.


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Again, a very interesting presentation by @sgtfriday

Sarge makes a compelling case that far from being a crook, James Comey may well have been a patriot all along.

We will learn the truth, soon enough. MUST WATCH:


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@Debradelai @Pissyfit Neverbernie's already trending on Twitter. The Dems are going to go nuts destroying him while at the same time trying to dive farther left than him in the primaries. The minute Biden announces it'll go full dumpster fire.

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It's not "gross" to celebrate the fact that Jussie Smollet jumped to his metaphorical death.

His fake hate crime was galvanizing people to commit violence against any Trump supporter they could find. We did nothing to deserve what was happening.

So now we rub their faces in their failure. We cheer and laugh and celebrate.

This is RIGHTEOUS Schadenfreude.

Our opponents deserve it.

So let them have it.


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If Twitter has indeed censored the president of the United States, I have only one thing to say:

Come to Quodverum, Mr. President.

Where you go, the press will follow. We won't censor you, and you won't have to block anyone.

We aren't insane here. Everyone is welcome, as long as they toot in good faith.

We'll get your message out, unfiltered.

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@TexasBaseballMom @ThomasWic
A lot of people joining this platform from the other. I still have my account but it is just for gaslighting now.😎 When Thomas and @Debradelai (among others) were twats 😆 I was on for the great and informative reading. That is now what I do here and just screw around a bit there. I've 2 more hours til my suspension 4th is up. You can't even josh with a FRIEND "Learn to code." I shit you not.

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The Democratic nominee of 2020 will run on a platform of straight Stalinism mixed in with New Age open-borders smarminess and rage.

In other words, the nominee will be spouting the ravings of a schizophrenic.

Because the Democratic nominee must bow at the alters of both totalitarianism and anarchy, the person will be unable to answer Trump's questions.

It's going to be GREAT.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.