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For those who can stomach it, vile photos and videos of Hunter Biden are starting to be posted at Parler see @lude

Not sure it's the most sensible idea for the guy to post a video of Hunter as 'having sex with underage Chinese girl'. If true he is essentially posting child porn which is a crime (Parler could be in trouble).

There's no need anyway.

The photos if true (sadly they seem 100% authentic) indicate that Hunter in particular is compromised by CCP.

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To me, the unbelievable @lude videos and pics of Hunter Biden being posted on Parler come across as a THREAT by Xi & Co.

A THREAT and WARNING to every US politician & citizen who they can do the same thing to.

The Chinese know Hunter and Joe are done. There is no use for them anymore. So they will now be BURNED.

Whether Beijing is doing this to curry favor with Trump, or to threaten the Dems etc - or both, remains unclear.

But it doesn't harm Trump at all.

The end.

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@REX Biden is compromised on a level we have never seen. Trump wasn't lying when he said China would own the U.S. if Biden is elected.

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Watch Jill Biden whisper 'Trump' to the demented old man. Pathetic stuff.

With the Bidens, we can see on full display the corruption that power and greed causes.

Jill and Joe Biden have abused their son, their granddaughter and in the irony of all ironies, Jill is now engaging in elder abuse of Joe himself.

What a despicable pair. That they are even this close to the White House tells you a lot about the Democratic Party - and should chill everyone to the bone.

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You're welcome. Brian was instrumental in the launch of QV, and I think of him often. I pray his family is doing well.🙏

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The demented leftist ACB 'Handmaid Tale' narrative reveals a lot about the warped ideology of leftist progressives.

In their world, the accession of a supremely talented woman to SCOTUS, which to any normal person is a magnificent victory for women, is somehow a win for 'muh patriarchy'.

They also demean and remove all agency from Barrett, doing exactly what they claim men do to women.

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Wow had dinner with the same lib friends as a few days ago.

They are old friends and good people.

3 - I'm not kidding - 3 said they wanted Trump DEAD.

Admittedly they'd been drinking. But still.

These people have been sent insane by the Democrats and their media proxies. The damage is immense and has been deliberately inflicted.

I blame Obama and Clinton 100%. Those two could have put an end to this years ago.

They BOTH must be punished. Severely.

The end.

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@Joycevor @Clayrjr @IrredeemableOne

I saw that years ago.

The bad seed is punished at the end.

She is hit by lightning. 🤔

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Yes, another good day for the GOP in early voting. 👍

WI and MI are both looking good.

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@timr I get so excited for your threads on this. I early voted in florida already.

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@timr @captwfcall

And for the Dems who aren't happy with Biden, a good reason to stay home on election night.

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I agree. I did comment. .. Harris ain’t nothing but a Lying dog faced pony solider.

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Ongoing thread on Republican voter turnout in the 2020 primary season and VBM, early in-person voting, special elections, and voter enthusiasm:

Texas update for both current numbers by party, and in comparison to 2016.

"In Texas, voters have cast 77.9% of the total votes counted statewide in the 2016 general election."

Massive turnout

As of today:
Republicans 51.9% (+13.1)
Democrats 38.8%


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Comments from David Chapman, who does voting stats analysis for Townhall.

This addresses the enormous pool of Trump voters who have not yet voted in comparison with the much smaller pool of potential Biden voters:

"CNBC poll found 53% of Biden supporters have already voted, while only 25% of Trump supporters have voted"

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Look at these stats:👍

"Dems have banked 26.4M early votes.

Clinton got 65.8M votes.

53% of 65.8M is 34.9M votes.

Democrats are 8.5M votes short of the mark."

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"The GOP have banked 22M early votes.

25% of 65.8M is 16.5M votes.

The Republicans are 5.5M votes ahead of the mark.

Assume this CNBC poll is accurate, Biden is headed for brutal defeat."

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Chapman uses the terms Democrat and Biden voters interchangeably. But it's certainly true that many registered Dems will vote for Trump, and we won't know how many until election day

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Our friend Carlos over in the blue bird saying exactly what I was thinking when I saw this photo.

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@Debradelai ❤🇺🇲⚖🍾🥂🦅📖

In your face, Sleepy Joe for your high tech lynching of Thomas &
Happy Birthday Crooked Hillary we now have 3 Trump justices in election you lost.

May you both go down in history as the corrupt politicians you were.

Only one left in the senate Leahy for Thomas to win!
Clarence & Donald

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