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Excellent points.

There was no blue wave in 2018

The Democrats did slightly better than average in the House in terms of total flips, for an opposing party in the midterms.

However, their margin of victory was extremely narrow.

The Republicans did extremely well in the Senate. It seems likely that the Dems would have preferred to flip the Senate instead.

The Trump/McConnell Judge juggernaut has been a triumph for conservatives

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What a bunch of loons.

Those tombstones can be used for the burial of Leftist control of education in the United States

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I don't know of too many people who are assuming a landslide. A victory, certainly

Trump voters are ready and waiting and overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Laziness is not a problem for Trump voters

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An un-elected President would not sit well with the majority of Americans.

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Ongoing thread on Republican voter turnout in the 2020 primary season and special elections, and voter enthusiasm:

Positive report today on Trump voter enthusiasm. This continues the same pattern we have seen since the primary season began:

1) Exceptionally strong enthusiasm on the part of Trump voters.

2) Exceptionally low enthusiasm on the part of Biden voters.

Nothing has changed that basic pattern.

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As I have mentioned, there are four main topics that address the issue of voter turnout. Trump and the GOP are leading in all of them.

The purpose of this thread is to address all four of them, alternating between them.

Trump and Republicans continue to lead in categories.

1) Primary voting

2) Voter enthusiasm

3) Voter registration

4) Special election results.

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The article in the above link comments on the new YouGov/Emerson poll results.

Voter enthusiasm is one issue that is measured with reasonable accuracy, as the results are then reflected in election and registration data.

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Here is the response to the following question:

"How do you feel about the presidential candidates listed below?”

40% of Biden’s supporters said “enthusiastic” compared to 68% of Trump’s supporters.

That is a gap of 28%, consistent with extremely wide gulf that we have seen for the last year

"Trump approval back to 51% and supporters 70% more enthusiastic than Biden’s"

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because they were gas lit in to thinking there was some mythical blue wave. There was no such thing. The GOP lost seats in the house and gained in the senate. At the very most, these cancel each other out so it was really a draw, not a supposed giant loss for republicans. One can argue that the senate is much more important than the house anyways so in my eyes, POTUS and cocaine mitch were the real winners.

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Trump is the last line of defense for my state. I want to see this backfire on the Dems massively!

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@timr @rarity @holymolyrocky Yep. Case in point: MD-5 Rep candidate was a loony-bin Republican who lived right in my hometown and lost badly.

This year he registered as ... guess what ... a DEMOCRAT! Crowded field running against Hoyer. And he came in ... l.a.s.t.

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One of my employees stopped and took this picture of a snake. Then later saw 2 more- look close.

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Samantha Power shilling for Xi's spyware, TikTok.

And revealing herself as the vapid moron she truly is.

These people hate America.

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Apparently, America is on the verge of a 'civil war'.

So says Peniel E Joseph, one of the many fake 'academics' who rose through the Obama years.

Peniel invented something called 'Black Power Studies'. Of course he did.

Typical of leftist progs, for Peniel 'Civil War' is just a marketing brand to use on CNN.

The REAL civil war cost almost 1 MILLION lives. Not that Peniel cares.

If a civil war does start, Peniel's crew won't last long. Not sure he gets that bit.

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This man needs to be exposed.

John Sipher is one of Brennan's key goons. Sipher was the Moscow CIA chief under Brennan and has been a butt-boy apologist for Obama since 2016.

Same with that tart, Asha Rangappa. Both are either involved in what went on or trying to protect those caught up in the scandal.


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Must read article by Lee Smith on Dianne Feinstein's eye-watering corruption.

The woman is a bought and paid for asset of the Chinese Communist Party. Has been for years. Her recent shilling for Xi is part of a long term pattern.

And yet not a finger has been lifted to investigate, indict and/or jail her. Quite incredible and profoundly depressing.

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Look, at the end of the day we can go round and round the merry go round and cast blame on our own.

Whatever. That time will come, I guess.

But at the end of the day, this virus was a deliberate attack by a loony (Xi) & his organized crime mob (CCP) on the West.

A war crime like no other.

State terrorism, with 600k + deaths globally.

Like ISIS, the CCP need to be destroyed. The world is better off without them.

Which is no doubt what will happen.

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