@RiggedSys They do not have my consent. They will not win. Patriots will ensure that a pedophile and a dictator never take office.

@asuperhero @RiggedSys trumpets sure do have a curious idea of what winning looks like :youmusip:
@asuperhero @RiggedSys
> Patriots will ensure that a pedophile and a dictator never take office.
given the courts are deeply compromised and AFAIK electors have already been dispatched, there are very few avenues remaining to "ensure that a pedophile" doesn't take office.

@icedquinn @RiggedSys There are several avenues that remain open. Including the insurection act.

I belive that enough people need to see proof of the widespread corruption of our electorial system, court system, and the Democrats. Before there is more than enough public support to take the drastic action requred to fully remove compromised traitors from office.

@asuperhero @RiggedSys
SCOTUS wholesale ignored a ~20 state injunction. They aren't exactly getting beaten up on the streets over it.

@JackMeinoff @icedquinn @RiggedSys Patriots care. Any person who has positive morals and ethics with a duty to ensure that no child ever gets sexually abused cares.

People who are either evil, psychopaths, cowards, or pedophiles themselves do not care.

Which one are you?

@asuperhero @icedquinn @RiggedSys Which one are you? Because you're not going after all of them equally now are ya?


@JackMeinoff @icedquinn @RiggedSys It's both about the children and saving our republic.

I believe all pedophiles who abuse children deserve the same fate at the end of a noose.

No one has the power to track down and convict all of them all. I know a vast majority of pedophiles are also liberals. I also know a vast majority of liberal politicians, celebrities, and leaders are pedophiles in the deep state too.

This is killing two birds with one stone. Not choosing one bird over the other.

@asuperhero @icedquinn @RiggedSys I guess we're different, I don't think of pedophilia that much day to day :blobdisapproval:

@JackMeinoff @jeder @RiggedSys @icedquinn Unfortunately every time I hear Joe Bidens name or see his face I am reminded of what he has done. Both to his children and others.

As a Patriot I want to put an end to all deep state pedophiles and human trafficking.

Let's rewind for a second. Why would you say "What's one more pedophile, who cares?"

Was it to be edgy, show a lack of morality, to be funny, you happen to empathize with them, or you are one yourself? Maybe something else entirely?

@asuperhero @jeder @RiggedSys @icedquinn I guess I wasn't aware of him raping his children. Because, well, you know why.

@JackMeinoff @jeder @RiggedSys @icedquinn Read Ashley Biden's leaked diary if you want to vomit. Try to understand why anyone with a moral center would be livid at the idea of allowing him become the President.

See all the video evidence of how he interacts with children in public and shows inappropriate touching, kissing, sniffing.

No one calling themselves a good person could ever stand there and ignore the truth. He and the rest of the deep state deserves the worst kind of hell imaginable.

@asuperhero I feel the same way about Trump and have the same amount of evidence... but you don't think I should say the same huh?

@JackMeinoff Listen master of deflecting straightforward questions and not giving a straight answer.

This isn't about Trump. This is about evil people who are traitors to the USA. This is about every Patriot's duty to ensure our country remains free. To remove all corrupt leaders seeking to enslave humanity with the great reset.

It is about being brave and doing what's right. Whether Trump wins, or loses, the war goes on. Until all those who do evil are behind bars, or dead after fair trials.

@asuperhero Trump is an evil traitor.

You didn't answer my questions either.

@JackMeinoff I don't care how you feel about Trump. You are free to think about him however you wish. It doesn't bother me if you think of him negatively, or positively. We all have freedom of speech and the ability to think for ourselves.

As a Patriot and person with positive morals and ethics. I have a job to do to ensure our country does not fall to foreign, or domestic traitors. I use my words to try and awaken humanity to truth. As I seek to destroy those who enslave us and commit evil.

@JackMeinoff Say what you will about me. I honestly don't care. I know who I am and the virtues I stand for. To understand why your words do not affect me, please read up on the philosophy of stoicism.

Your inability to answer serious straightforward questions also says more than you can imagine about your moral character. I hope you awaken and become a better person that does no evil.

I will continue to save humanity and the world. For that is my true purpose in life.

@asuperhero You can say and imply whatever about me, I think you're clearly insane how much you think you're virtuous.

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