And when the government stopped paying bounties for cobras, all those cobra breeders just let them go and there were more loose cobras than before, many of which had learned to associate humans with food.

A brilliant historical example of the laws of unintended consequences, false metrics, and perverse incentives.

@aparition42 @fribbledom this is also a great example of leveraging an oppressive regime's own tools against it in order to subvert its authority and stoke the coals of revolution.

@marie_joseph @fribbledom

Mostly, I'd say it's an example of clueless bureaucrats not understanding the system they're supposed to be managing and not realizing that when you write the rules of a game, you're deciding how people are going to cheat.

Similar things have happened under every type of government. The cobra farmers weren't out to "stick it to the man". They were out to make the most money with the least effort just like anyone else.

A hustler's gonna hustle.

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