🚨NEW - Just Stop Oil eco-mob blockade central London petrol stations, smashing up petrol pumps.


@antonionpellegrini 😳did they get arrested and have to pay back cost? Unreal, these eco people are nuts




They're represented by politically-backed activist lawyers that get them off easily & speedily.

Getting misdemeanor/felony charges with fines is a badge of honor and does not kneecap the careers.

Unless opportunities srise for their ilk to offer them as a sacrificial lamb, to advance their holy cause.


Wow, these are some smart folks. Trying to disable pumps by smashing LCD displays…

@antonionpellegrini Clowns Like that just ensure the bull market in energy stocks will continue. ESG headed for a reckoning.

@antonionpellegrini. What a bunch of idiots! They should get a gas shower and someone throw a match at them.

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