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The best thing I could do is just be silent. I enjoy reading your words. I am not opposed to you.

I am not here to alter you from your thoughts. I give mine . That is all.

What is the point of commenting on the obvious guys?

Seems like you are just commenting on bullshit. Am I wrong?

I apologize, but I don't think any of you guys are real.

May I ask who this person is though I I am of foul mood and irritating voice. It's better if I just go camp on the river.

This is Salt and Pepper. I've never witnessed two little kittens growing up together. I wish I could "freeze" them at this age. Pepper attacks Salt and Salt sproings into the air in surprise lol. Hoping to catch that on video.

Gets home, employer sends flowers. Gets call about exposure to covid. Employer wants her to come back and get tested. Goes to bed instead.

Are flowers an appropriate gesture? Looks like a funeral arrangement to me.

Night shift nurse has worked in the same hospital, um...her entire career. She has been taking extra shifts since January due to staff shortage. One day off. Heart of gold. Assaulted last night by male in his twenties with disorganized thinking who stated, "I will kill you all."

Laceration, bruised and swollen arm (clearly in the shape of 3 fingers with scratches from fingernails), top of foot stomped on in the take down.

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My friend's nephew produces YouTube videos on the family farm. Planting season 2022

How could I forget the Gladys Kravitz security system. We need some of those too.

SRO? sounds like mission creep. Guard is what is needed. And some rotation. Can you imagine the boredom of a year of uneventful vigilance. Maybe there will be an occasional fist fight or a fender bender in the parking lot to break up the monotony. The job description of a security resource officer sounds more like a desk job. That means schools are still blind to approaching threats.

PayPal scam...friend had 5 of these hit her account. Email ~

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.