The Democrats are done! They have been so used to unchecked power, they don’t know how to act when they don’t have it. They’ve taught the country they can’t be trusted. When they had total control, we got Obamacare & threats to nationalize everything (people were draining their retirement accounts before the Democrats could seize them.) With divided government, they impeach. The only option left is to clean up the GOP & give them total control.

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Alan Dershowitz, on Laura Ingraham.....

"I'm speaking as a Democrat now....Congress is not above the law, and when Congress decides they can simply make up crimes and charge the President with them, how long do you think it will be until they start charging you and me with made-up crimes??
All Americans should be very concerned."

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The "I'm okay, you're okay" generation is here, and they will invite a starving lion with AIDS into their homes if they can be seen doing it.

Fortunately, this anti-judging mindset is self-limiting. That kind of approach to life is extinction on tap.

We wouldn't be here as a species if we didn't judge.

"Dont eat that, that guy ate it, and he dead."

"Don't get too close to the edge...never mind."

And so on. Survival, as a cave man, or in an office, depends on judgment.

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@ThomasWic @Lisa22
Scott Adams said he thinks Semi-Automatic Rifles are going to end up being banned.
He did say he's pro 2nd amendment but that people will push to make it happen.
Scott cannot "see" Pandora's Box.
Between 3D Printing, Black Markets & Genuine Testosterone the idea this is even possible is lunacy.

I’m no Q-Anon follower or fan, but I’m curious what happens to it with 8chan going down.

I imagine will blame the Deep State though.

I still struggle to break old habits. I reflexively open up Twitter when I sit down with my iPad to relax & catch up on whatever is going on. Trying to come here more instead, & someday the habit will change. The discussion here is always better than Political Twitter. And I don’t go to my own feed here, I like to go to “Local,” so whatever my follow list is, it’s largely irrelevant because I follow the whole site 😁

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@Alex_Graham @DuaneCates

Antifa could be designated a terrorist group, such as the Earth Liberation Front.

But designating them insurrectionists makes them lose virtually all their rights.

And the feds can bring in military assets.

These folks wanted a fight.

Beware what you wish for. You just might get it.

I got a kick out of this video by Tim Pool. I kept thinking as I was watching how @ThomasWic has been predicting exactly this for as long as I've been following him, the Democrats are self-destructing.

Coates may well be out, but I’m calling 24 hour rule (aka Fudge rule) before taking it seriously.

Anyone use a good iOS and/or Android Mastadon client worth recommending? As I was checking in just now on Tootdon, I got a message that it’s shutting down.

@ThomasWic What are you using to host video now? Where does the video file of "I'm Finished with Youtube" live? (I have some videos on my website & want to have a good backup plan for when Youtube/Vimeo isn't an option any longer.)

Yesterday, I brought this up in the form of a question. Thanks to @ThomasWic & @REX for the rational replies. I did figure there was more to it that I hadn’t seen yet (there always is,) but also frustrated with myself for not honoring the 24 hour rule.

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3. If I were a migrant and heard that, I would turn around and head home, or take Mexico up on their offer to stay there. No question. Let's see if border crossing numbers start to go down.


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2. Now they are starting to hear that if they make it to the U.S. border, they will be placed in a concentration camp along with their children, made to sleep on the floor in cages with no running water and no showers, and will have to drink from toilets to survive while they wait to be deported. That's not nearly as appealing, and the Democrats are all-in on embellishing this new narrative and making it seems as credible and real as possible.

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1. A point on these "concentration camp" stories - Democrats think they are scoring points on the Trump administration by weaving a horror-show narrative about what's going on in the border patrol detention camps.

But there's another side. These migrants have been fed a story that all they have to do is make it to the U.S. border, and they will be delivered to sanctuary cities, given EBT cards and set free to work off the books in the promised land.

Did Trump really just surrender on the citizenship question? If so, it’s the 1st time I can say he’s done something that infuriates me. It’s not a minor issue.

@ThomasWic Did that interview you did with Roseanne ever pan out? I recall your excitement after finishing it, and waited in anticipation, but don't recall ever seeing that it was posted.

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I have been podcasting for almost 11 years, and have been getting into doing more and more videos lately. Some of you guys might appreciate the series I’ve been doing lately; every Saturday I post a short, 3-5 minute video teaching on various logical fallacies. If you’re interested, here’s the playlist.

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