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Hydroxychloroquine Update:
Infectious disease specialist Dr. Stephen Smith says not one patient of his that’s on the Hydroxy regimen had to be intubated - a game changer.

“I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m very serious.”

This WILL Mean the RAPID end to the Corona PANIC

Hydroxychloroquine proving an effective treatment for coronavirus patients around the world

At his CV19 BRIEFING today, POTUS Trump was Aware that the FDA had authorized two drugs (chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine) for EMERGENCY USE in treatment of Wuhan sniffles
I'm looking forward to a dramatic downturn in the CV Fatality rate . . . w/fingers crossed.

. ..
AHEM . . .Gov Cuomo screaming that there is a shortage of ventilators. . ."It's a crisis"
He's got 4,000 ventilators.
Total USA Fatalities . . .
3/30/20 . . .= 2,500

Not all in NY

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Remember, Trump isn’t a mind changer, he sees the situation and adapts. He is using this crisis to his advantage, daily briefings which people are watching, he’s highlighting the problems that causes this and he’s fixing it.
He saw what was coming and adjusted his strategy to deal with this attack.

There is no "Established Protocol" for this CV19 . .. does the Hospital get more money for pushing the Patient thru 1)Admission/ER/Observation, 2) ICU , 3) Ventilation ??
If they have the "Symptoms" (1). .. hit em with the CV19 "Magic Cocktail" . . it's used for LONG TERM use w/arthritis . . Can't hurt . .
. .Body count is 2,000 USA.
WE have more than 2,000 doses . . SAVE LIVES . .got nothing to lose.

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Looks like PDJT and Bill Barr are heroes in Venezuela. I got two texts from some people I know there.
We’ll see what happens, but they’re excited

and I'm hearing that lifetime immunity is the reward for surviving an infection

. . . . . . NO VACCINES for these EITHER
55,000 Bed Deaths/YR . . Common FLU
35,000 Bed Deaths/YR . . . HIV / AIDS
50,000 Bed Deaths/YR . . .Freeway Accidents
120,000 Bed Deaths/YR . . .Cancer
- - - - - BUT this - - THIS Corona - - - 1,000
Big Deal ??

Seems that EVERY confirmed Cov-19 positive hospital admission should get a dose of the "Trial Drug"
Seems we could save the next thousand cases. . .. .
- - - -
Haven't heard if a "Trial Drug" recovery comes with a lifetime IMMUNITY, or not.

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President Trump's second term will be out of this mundo!

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