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The Schools of Philosophy in China

Or how each class saw how the ruler should be

(Note, I translated everything from Vietnamese books, which is much closer to China than using English sources).

In the land that would be eventually China, there were many tribes living around, first they lived separately, then they started to form an union and elected head tribe leaders. Until the tribes expanded into bigger size, the leaders picked their own sons to succeed them.


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Phở broth for @SQ

- Cow bones.
- Salt.
- Lime.
- Roasted granulated salt.
- Rock sugar.
- Roasted spice:
2 tb of Fennel
3 tb of Coriander seeds
1 tb of Cloves
2 piece of Black Cardamons
1 piece of cinnamon stick
5 – 6 piece of Star anises
Purple shallots.

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Covid situation in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia struck hard with the new outbreak. Infection in children is rising.

At least 40m people has been vaccinated with Sinovac or AstraZeneca.

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Life during the height of socialism.

All accounts are from what I read from newspapers, books from both sides of Vietnamese, and mom's stories.

In our country Socialism ended in 1986. I was born in 1992, so the only thing I could have a grasp was the remnants of the era.

Image: Typical Vietnamese living room in that era. I still saw it in around 2000s in the North of Vietnam.

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It may not have been widely published. I have one somewhere in my archives...

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At the height of Chairman Mao’s popularity among the left in the 1960s, some people in Chicago put out a “little green book” of Mayor Daley’s sayings…

I'm watching QM and saw Saul's Mao Little Red Book.

To anyone curious of its content, you can read it here:

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Mark my words Leonardo DiCaprio will be the next Harvey Weinstein. Just give it another 5-10 yrs might not even be that long.

Dating women 30 years younger than you when those women are still in their teens is no longer a preference. He’s a pedo it’s time we face reality.

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Rick Scott paying the price for challenging McConnell. He is removed from the Commerce Committee.Mike Lee was also removed for backing Rick Scott.

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Maxine Waters: “I’m not a socialist, I’m a capitalist, and I commit to you that I am here to save Social Security, to save Medicare, to save seniors and Veterans, and for some of you who have adopted certain kinds of ways that you support what you now claim is socialism, I’m here to say to you, come on,”

Oh, a Fascist, then.

Since there's a big clean up in West Philippines, therefore internet is limited, Odysee will refuse to load without VPN.

So now it's either SQV or Odysee at one time 🥹

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A teacher asked her class, "Who said 'Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." No one knew.

Finally, one Japanese boy said, "John F. Kennedy, January 20, 1961".

The teacher was outraged at the American students and said, "You should be more like the Japanese student."

One kid calls out "To hell with the Japs!"

Furious, the teacher asked "Who said that?"

"Harry Truman 1945", said a voice from the back.

My paternal grandfather passed today. He had a stroke in 97, paralyzed in his left-half, but he was still able to keep living and kicking well until 2020.

He was bedridden since then, had a tracheotomy, got covid, and while doctor said he could last for only months, he stayed for 3 years.

May he rest in peace 🙏

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Thank you Van Dinh and all.. Pneumonia under control, still bedridden but feeling much better.

Damn that climate change. I will destroy that ManBearPig!

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So as I talked with @StevenDouglas he's having a bad cold. A little pray and well wish for his recovery soon 🙏

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In 2022 Russia makes a play to take Ukraine as a whole.

Also in 2022, famously neutral Sweden an Finland apply and will most certainly get NATO membership.

I really don't get the "blame NATO first" crowd. How about blame Putin for being a dumbass. Empire builder, my foot.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise to Jordan on Tuesday to meet with King Abdullah II, to whom he reportedly vowed not to change the status quo on the flashpoint Temple Mount holy site in Jerusalem.

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Human Rights Watch.

The organization that lionized and celebrated al-qa'ida terrorists like Lahsen Ikassrian as Freedom Fighters.

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