Terrence K. Williams
I’ve been asked to apologize to the Clintons in order to save my career

Twitter took down my Clinton Epstein video for a copyright infringement. So the Clintons own my opinion?

They want me stop talking.

I WONT! I think it’s all shady
Who’s with me?


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6:45 PM · Aug 19, 2019

Its gotten to where I just go look for new posts from POTUS, check in with a few friends,sometimes a
glance at most of the rest, and im outa there.Twitter's become an aggravation for me.Here,its a better format as well with great people we can get to know better unlike twitter,we cover all the important stuff,get answers and can learn.yet we can laugh with each other, support each other, etc here, we are ppl who actually love our country and our constitution and support our POTUS.

@Frosty @ThomasWic
twitter is a mess, the censorship has stifled all reasonable interaction with disagreeing peoples. Glad to have found this platform. Checking it daily, so many old favorites here and grounded, thoughtful discourse that’s been missing on “twitter”

I follow plenty who have their heads on straight. They're out there.

3 minute clip. Please watch and share!

WOW! Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne: BILL BARR is About to Break Biggest Sc... via @YouTube

"4 dead, 2 wounded in Southern California stabbings"

The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic.

From the description the suspect sounds completely deranged.

FYI - No new gun laws would have prevented this. Maybe forced incarceration for mental illness?


I assume you're talking about the federal red-flag law.

It'll make us safer by providing a UNIFORM method of dealing with the armed mentally ill who are about to go off on a killing spree. Today's patchwork of laws are clearly a total failure.

Law-abiding gun owners can be secretly insane. When their insanity begins to infringe on MY RIGHT TO BE ALIVE, I want them disarmed.

Pretty simple.

@Debradelai So close to the edge of tyranny..... We are living in such momentous times. For years, things only got worse, darker, more catastrophic.
And then miracles happened all over the place. Righteousness rose up. And, like all living things in sunlight, we rose up with it.
Every day brings a new miracle, a new moment of truth.
Thank you, Saul, for writing this and for having such a superb place to post it.
This is another miracle, this place.

addition to clinton body count. FBI complicit?? FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

Am I confused in feeling that Wray is a snake in the grass?

The CIA Was using former FBI agent Robert Maheu as a "cutout" to hide Agency involvement, but the mafiosos learned the real story almost immediately.

It was also leaked to the press.

You're telling me that the chem-trail conspiracy is airtight, but the top six CIA spooks were unable to hide the fact that they recruited mobsters to kill Castro?

It's absurd.

This young man has advice that *everyone* should listen to and follow.

I love Donald J. Trump.

Anyone else out there with me?

He did so good tonight in North Carolina. I am looking forward to all the rallies we have coming up.

I never got sick of watching them during the last election.

Question for the brains...
Would impeachment hearings be an opportunity to expose these loons for what they are and expose the curtain of deception they have been hiding under.

"...Democrats have been calling for elimination of ICE for nearly a year. In the past few months, their rhetoric about the agency has escalated and a number of members have referred to ICE agents as Nazis. ..."


We are a wise, dynamic, informed and informing community. We share things both personal and newsworthy.
Also art, music, and humor.
I think it's safe to say that we believe in honesty, integrity, and
mutual respect.
It's a great place to land every morning, to check back with during the day, and to finish off the night with.

It's safe to ask for prayer here.
To me, that says it all.
🇺🇲 🇺🇲 🇺🇲

@Trish35 @cimarron @Lonestar @Debradelai @ThomasWic

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