**U.S. House to attempt quick passage of Hong Kong human rights bill**

"The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday will attempt to pass legislation unanimously approved by the Senate that aims to protect human rights in Hong Kong amid a pro-democracy movement there, a senior House aid…"


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(21) America today is to the land of our Founding Fathers what a gathering of pederast Cardinals is to the Ministry of Jesus.

Not a parody, a betrayal.

A grotesque usurpation.

The lower order of the species have taken hold of the country, and people, in their infinite confusion, call them "elites."


The country once ruled by illustrious and industrious elites is now in the hands of the dregs of society, the scum of mankind.

A bellowing band of lower primates.

I love the Catholic Church. We must remember it is the Church of Christ. The pope is but a mortal man - he is NOT the Church. We cannot be silent. We must fight for her!

Louisiana will have a Republican running against democrat governor John Bel Edwards.


Donald J. Trump

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has done a poor job. NOW HE IS IN A RUNOFF WITH A GREAT REPUBLICAN, @EddieRispone
. Thank you Louisiana! 66% down to 47% after I explained what a bad job the Governor was doing.

8:13 PM · Oct 12, 2019


Many are pulling their weight, and then some.

Unfortunately, many more aren't.

We get approx. 40% of what we need.


We could do magic with that.

With 1.00 per user per month we could pay our bills.


Josh Bernstein Show

Last week I told you all about & & their ties to Ukrainian Arms Dealer & the media is STILL silent on it.

"...here is another story that needs to be exposed which is where I come in. Nancy Pelosi's 22 yr old legisl aide & her family have DEEP TIES to Ukraine's Military & Govative. Here are those connections...


WOW... what an outpouring of love!

Every one of you that commented in this feed should be proud of yourselves.

Not only is it an honorable thing to share love with our friend Jack and his beautiful wife.

But We are all part of something very unique in the world of social media.

Almost 12,000 strong and growing by the day.

We're not perfect
and we never will be

but I commend everyone on this platform for being a decent human being.

Makes me proud to be part of it

"California is violating federal law by failing to verify citizenship before placing voters on the voter rolls, according to attorneys Harmeet Dhillon and Mark Meuser...

Calling this “Judicial Watch 2.0,” Dhillon and Meuser filed a federal lawsuit...against Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State, and Steve Gordon, Director of California Department of Motor Vehicles for violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993."


Question: did the earth lung collapse or did the world just move in to a more impending world catastrophe?? Ei- impeachment

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Interesting article about putins warning about soros

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.