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I was playing Skyrim and had to stop because this particular set is so good.

Ranky Tanky--Freedom


Jon Kessler from KNKX.ORG is on fire tonight. The song quality is through the roof

Tom Waits - The Ghosts Of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone's Pizza House)


The Blind Boys with a rarified air type of song. Just Wow.

Blind Boys of Alabama---Lift me up like a Dove:


This could very easily be the deplorables anthem.

Goeff Moore and the Distance---New Americans


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And now, Beard Blather is limited and "on review".

Waiting to launch. as soon as these idiots "review".

I guess we are going to have to look for sponsors...

KNKX.Org has their all blues on! Tune in to KNKX.Org for live blues streaming from the best blues show in the nation!

John Blues Boyd--In My Blood:


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Vulfpeck took it to another level when they added those horns.

Dynamite stuff.

Vulfpeck is on another creative tear again....

The Fearless Flyers---Colonel Panic


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