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Secret ballot counting in Georgia. This is smoking hot.

Has everyone noticed that somehow video cameras were installed without the knowledge of the crooks, BEFORE the count?

They were being WATCHED.


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Even after all these years, so many fall for these Trump leaks.

It's such an implausible story that I am amazed anyone could believe it.

These leaks are designed to give us a 'heads up' about what's going on )the DOJ have an investigation & there is evidence), not to mention to sow doubt in the mind of the enemy.


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ODNI Ratcliffe prepping the ground.

I take from this that he knows full well China's role in this fraud and may have even transmitted the report to POTUS.


Song for Joe Biden and the Globalists.....

Bonnie Raitt---Used to Rule the World:


Theme song for the Fake Ballots and the Coup Plotters:

Larkin Poe---Cast them Out:


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More than a few Swamp Republicans were fully in on this steal. Just look at Kemp & 'Rat'tenberger in GA.

The plan was to let Trump do all the hard work to win House & Senate seats for the GOP-e - and then to abandon him.

Despicable. The good news - they've all been busted.

Sucks to be them!

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The only thing it would achieve is to give the Democratic Crime Syndicate an opportunity to wreak havoc, close down Democrat States and play the 'muh Drumpf dictator' card.

IMO this will all start to unravel for the Dems with their loss of PA at SCOTUS.

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There's nothing more desperate than a cornered Dem/RINO rat, but these calls for martial law seem crazy to me.


Personally I don't think Trump will need to make such a declaration. Not just that, I am sure he knows that's likely what these criminals want.

Martial law would also be very anti-Sun Tzu. Can't rule anything out, but I very much doubt Trump will do it.

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The despicable behavior of Dem State Senators at the Michigan hearing, doxxing, intimidating and smearing highly credible citizen witnesses was a HUGE gift for Trump.

MILLIONS will now tune in to find out what happened. And will be privately appalled.

These modern day Dems are extremely stupid and arrogant people, who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Nuke's TOP 5 is especially good tonight if youa re into scary top 5 videos:


Grabbing This drive for Christmas. I already have one but the system is ntfs instead of gpt. rather than changing the filesystem, I'll clone it to another drive then convert it to be safe:


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If I get any doomers saying crap like 'Durham will do nothing', 'this is all.for show', 'Biden will fire him on Day 1' etc etc etc as I am reading on twitter, you will be blocked and/or reported to General Saul for court martial & potential exile @Debradelai

This is a GOOD DEVELOPMENT. Durham may well issue indictments within weeks.

This is NOT a time to go weak at the knees.

We at QV are made of sterner stuff.

BY (humble) ORDER

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11. As Wictor @ThomasWic says, it was always Trump against the entire world.

The world never had a chance.


Enjoy the show.

The end.

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