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MY BF is on a Facebook group for vets who did Basic at Fort Ord. Jimi was there a few years before BF. They all posted pics of themselves in the PX in front of this ugly wallpaper. Someone had one of Jimi and posted it. Very cool! Jimi was always proud of being in Airborne.

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We have never had an impeachef President run for re-election, because we've never had a collection of misfits and morally reprehensible characters pushing an impeachment to mess with an election.

Worry not. They don't have the votes, and if they did the Senate would make a swift resolution.

Trump will not put the country through any ordeal.

The Democrats are. Uselessly.

America, it is said, is suffering from intolerance — it is not. It's suffering from tolerance. Tolerance of right & wrong, truth & error, virtue & evil, Christ & chaos. Our country is not nearly so overrun with the bigoted as it is overrun with the broadminded.

—Ven Fulton Sheen

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Bolivian "elections".

They stop counting for 24 hours and...surprise! Evo morales surges ahead to nearly the 10% margin he needs.

Still, about 45%

They're slacking now.


The final battle in this Deep State mess will be a batle of fear versus hope. When you are assaulted with the fear, respond with Hope, the dreams, and the destiny of America, and the vision God has placed in his servant Trump.

Goliath spoke through his family, the King and Goliath himself trying to place fear into David, but David believed God and Trusted that His Word was stronger that anything.


A thousand of you will flee at the threat of one man;
You will flee at the threat of five,
Until you are left like a flag on the top of a mountain,
And like a signal on a hill."

It's the influence of the Spirit of Goliath(the soothsayer). Your rest comes out of your Confidence in God and his hand. Remember how David responded to the four accusations of the spirit of Goliath.

"Isaiah 30:15-17 Amplified Bible (AMP)
15 For the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel has said this,

“In returning [to Me] and rest you shall be saved,
In quietness and confident trust is your strength.”
But you were not willing,
And you said, “No! We will flee on horses!”
Therefore you will flee [from your enemies]!
And [you said], “We will ride on swift horses!”
Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift.

Mom got these scriptures in middle of the night. Scriptures on being at peace, for those who need them.

John 14:27

Phil 4:6-9

Is 26:3

Is. 32:17, 18

1st pe 5:7

2 Cor. 10:4,5

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