Puppy, Fritz, weighed in at 61 pounds now. Is still a handful but by far the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had. I love him more each day I swear. The eyes say it all…..

He’s great with strangers now, even men with hats on can come up to him and he doesnt curl up and slink away peeing himself. I have to watch him as he still has rare reactionary moments where he’ll snarl and snap at someone, usually if they get in between him and myself, but he immediately realizes he has misbehaved.

Just hadn’t posted in a while and some of you remember this puppy found on my road about 7-8(?) months ago beaten and abandoned.


Look at that sweet face!!!

And isn't it amazing when we can help our doggie friends find a better life?

We rescued Bear a few years ago. He was definitely abused as he was scared of men especially. He would try to climb through walls if there was a loud noise. And if someone picked up something that frightened him, he'd squat low thinking you were going to hit him with it.

He's now so comfortable, that I catch him snoring. 😂

@agensb I’m sorry to have missed the original story. Please post!


I am just now getting back on, sorry for the delayed response. I’d have to go look at dates to know for sure when, but about 7-8 months ago my neighbor found him laying out in the road skinny, exhausted and red and green paint all over him. (Paintball gun probably) he was skittish as hell and deathly afraid of men. I didn’t think I would be able to keep him as for as intelligent as he is ADD comes along with that lol. He’s by far passes the word energetic. Continued; ran outta room

@Twoseyloo …..and he does have a snap aggression that is improving but still happens. Just in the last month or so he has really mellowed and listens better, settling in. I still can’t do his nails tho…even with a soft muzzle. That’s about it, the story I think. Excuse all the typos and ramble I’m typing on my phone as always…

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