Just hadn’t posted in a while and some of you remember this puppy found on my road about 7-8(?) months ago beaten and abandoned.

He’s great with strangers now, even men with hats on can come up to him and he doesnt curl up and slink away peeing himself. I have to watch him as he still has rare reactionary moments where he’ll snarl and snap at someone, usually if they get in between him and myself, but he immediately realizes he has misbehaved.

Puppy, Fritz, weighed in at 61 pounds now. Is still a handful but by far the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had. I love him more each day I swear. The eyes say it all…..

This one needs some color touch up- too warm and saturated. I have better software now, but I don’t feel like turning the desktop back on. I’m THAT lazy.


This seems to be the only one it will let me upload

@RangerJohn I said eventually Id find these...taken with the first Nikon SLR that came out with no even a good telephoto lens. Man My brother and my grandson's dad were with us this day, both gone now. Kind of made me sad...

This is what I got at work today for keeping it secret…I do not like this day. It’s over now.

Omg seriously. And that’s where I bow out of any reasoning with this moron. People are so fucking stupid. (Sorry long night + another long night)

Ran to get gas- this being right down the road from my hospital. Shot through my truck window; it was a lot more colorful and pink to the left but buildings and docks were in my way. Now I have shared a photo with no dog in it…😅

Vent: Went on a hike Sat- came home to dead internet. I HATE Viasat!!! @umad80 can concur. It will probably be a while before Starlink is in my area and I’ve heard Hughes is even worse than Viasat. I’m at work right now but I don’t think I am going to stay after being on call and up literally all night….but it is driving me way more batty than it should having no internet at home. And I pay 100/mo for this crap service.

🎼🎵🎵Knocking me out with those American thighs🎵🎵🎼

Scanner circle is the gantry …I do know that much 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

My crew. I’m the one inside scanner circle with un-combed hair lol. They freaking made us wear masks for the photo, I was so pissed I almost refused to be in it, not being the only one.

Looking like the q people are saying Hillary is dead and what we are seeing is a body double 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I just have to leave those alone, can’t and won’t argue with stupid.

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