Our Sheriff's say it like it is.
“This dirtbag made the mistake of driving through Flagler County after committing crimes in South Carolina and Clay County, Florida,” Sheriff Rick Staly said.


So far, Joe Biden's entire presidency is based on a geriatric guy who breaks his foot after grabbing a dog's tail as he gets out of a shower, lives mostly in a basement, and professes great pride in his adult crackhead sex crazed son

Taken as a whole, without knowing any other background, one would think this guy was doing pretty well if he landed a job as a Walmart greeter - provided he stayed on the barstool and didn't actually try to help customers beyond say Hi, Welcome to Walmart

Hello my lovely Quods!
Hope these photos brighten up your day🦋


@ShellenbergerMD: "People last week accused me of violating the privacy of a homeless addict named Korey, who I interviewed as he smoked fentanyl & meth

But thanks to that video, an outreach worker tracked down his sister, Keneda. She hadn't seen him for two years

I brought her to him yesterday [video]"


(H/T @Roncoleman )

@darulharb —Dr. Shellenberger hits the 🎯. Especially when he mentions the frustrations family and friends have with their loved ones who are caught up in addiction and mental illness.

The so-called “advocacy” do-gooders are nothing more than enablers who eventually kill these individuals with their failed policies.

All while stuffing their pockets and collecting feel-good trophies and plaques.

(H/T @BirdDog)

Eliska taking a break. Like her cousin Merritt, she had me at hello


1/26/1945: Audie Murphy Earns Medal of Honor

On this day in 1945, Audie Murphy, the most-decorated soldier in United States history, earned the Medal of Honor by single-handedly repelling a German attack.

The Texas native enlisted in the United States Army in June 1942.

During World War II he received thirty-three awards, citations, and decorations.

Texans, and everyone else... Just came back from a local El Paso pub. Met a friend of Beto's (yes, THAT Beto, who was a friend of ours until he went regressive left.) Dude is a fed police officer, and was tipsy, so we talked politics. He is a blue-dog Democrat, so salt of the earth, but he is still blue. He says that Beto realizes that he screwed up when he went all anti-gun and pro-open border. Beto is NOT stupid. He is going to go all in on "moderation." Do NOT believe him.

Guy Williams the star of Disney's Zorro TV series (1957 - 1962) shows actress Romy Schneider his sword during her studio visit in 1960.



An Englishman, an Irishman and an Italian are taken prisoners of war...

They take the Englishman back and hogtie him, whip him, and beat him senseless. After two hours of being brutally tortured, he spills all of his secrets.

Then they take the Irishman back and hogtie him, whip him, and beat him senseless. After four hours of being bashed bloody and bruised, he tells his captors everything he knows.

Reading the CDC report for November.

Death by bullshit should register in the Rchter scale by now.

It appears "non-hispanic" whites have a lower rate of infe tion than "Hispanic" whites.

The virus seems to prefer Spanish Speakers.

Easy peasy, switch to English and presto!

The record hospitalizations they crow about all day turns out to be 262/100,000.

Wow! We are all gonna die!

Pure hysterics.


🤭It wasn't just her, her buddy that said it was just a "Summer of love" while the protesters took over the city, was also carjacked.

I can't help but laugh at these idiots, I hate to say it, but they both deserve it, hopefully, they got a big wake up call..it's almost as if these thing are happening on purpose.🤭

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia..


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.