I saw a "joke" on here a little while ago (probably far too buried to dig up, sadly) about someone explaining how "antifa" is simply being against Nazis, and they're not sure where these other weird ideas about what it means comes from.
Well: kawen.space/media/483ba5a0f373

Question about the public school
re-openings throughout the states.

Some are “hybrid,“ some are still online (I think still online — changes by the moment🙄).

The question is: what about the children who depend on the food programs from schools? These are state/ federally funded programs. Will funding still be available? If they’re schooling from home, how do they get their funded meals?

Kion vi opinias pri tio ĉi? Ĉu mi devas anstataŭi la baterion? 💥

Instead of pursuing disciplinary action, a student at the College of the Desert challenged his professor in a viral class presentation which argued that her use of the word in a lecture was not justified.
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigger#I

In addition to Smith College, Emory University, Augsburg University, Southern Connecticut State University and Simpson College all suspended professors in 2019 over referring to the word "nigger" by name in an educational context. In two other cases, a professor at Princeton decided to stop teaching a course on hate speech after students protested his utterance of "nigger" and a professor at DePaul had his law course cancelled after 80% of the enrolled students transferred out.

Can anyone with knowledge of rifles identify this one?
Ppl are arguing whether it’s a .338 or 50 caliber.

Someone pointed out to me a while ago that humans are heavily geared towards a "this or that" mentality. That there can only be two valid viewpoints on any topic, like cats vs dogs.
I've been wondering for a while if that's a consequence of speaking English (or something similar), while also fighting an impossible battle to try and change it.
I wonder now if maybe a two-party system is actually a good thing, purely on the grounds that people can actually comprehend it.


I watched this review and it made me interested in seeing what the movie was about.

I made a bet with myself that the film would be a stupid polemic, and I was right.


Why doesn't #peertube come with a shitposting category. I mean that seems obvious to include.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.