I watched this review and it made me interested in seeing what the movie was about.

I made a bet with myself that the film would be a stupid polemic, and I was right.

Why doesn't #peertube come with a shitposting category. I mean that seems obvious to include.

A flowchart I made 5-ish years ago. Don't think I ever posted it here.

apparently github doesn't like my advent account

periodic reminder not to use github for anything important

I keep hearing about the devastation to native peoples due to the disappearance and murder of native women. But they never ever say who is doing it. Other members of their group? Traffickers? Other specific groups? Anyone know?

I just found out that google now requires a phone number if you want to create a new account.
Whatever they tell you, GMAIL is NOT free.

Ecosia's banner currently links to a video with the text "is the current tree-planting crazy doing more harm than good?"
Which seems like a curious thing for them to feature, but I take it as a sign that they're committed to understanding how to do their job the best they can.

Dear #MastoMind: Does anyone recall a #Solaris / #SunOS version of #MicrosoftOffice that may have been offered in the late 1990s?

I seem to recall this, but can't track anything down.



THIS IS CUTE! :love_reisen:

thank you for your attention, have a nice day people

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.