There's something wrong when people obsess about the fate of a few dozen dogs and forget hundreds of thousands of men, women and children.

The dogs left in Kabul is bad, but NOTHING compared to the people left.


This perversion is actually more serious and deep than it seems.

Something about American pop culture over the past few decades has resulted in younger generations having an abnormally low value for human life.

@Debradelai @PathIntegral

Whoo. Some of the Boomers and even some Gen X are even dumber, insulated and cushy and willingly brainwashed by propaganda.


Part of the issue is the older generation not properly teaching the young one. If you want people to care about others that needs to start at home with the parents properly caring and taking time for their children.

@Debradelai @PathIntegral

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

Agree with your point.

Yet, what if the present older generation were spoiled to abandon by those who survived the last Great War? 🤷‍♀️ May not be a popular opinion. But am going on life experience at 53 as the 2nd generation after the 1940's.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral I think it's multiple factors at work.

You had our heroes coming back from the war, and many didn't want to talk about it or share with their family why they fought. You had the beginning s of academia being subverted in the 50's, culminating in the 60's, which was the first major push to normalize communism in this country.

It's the frog in slow to boil water, and we're the frog. 🤢

@ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

Yep, yep, yep. But we are not frogs in a kettle in any sense of realistic metaphor. Damn, own your space and family and community. Get in it.


And THAT, my friend, is one of your best toots up to date, in my opinion.

Each person should ask themselves: Am I not happy with the situation? Then WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT BETTER?

There is ALWAYS some answer to that.

But feeling like a frog in a kettle, and behaving as one, will certainly NOT make anything better.

@ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu
@Debradelai @PathIntegral


Thank you for the kind wishes, of which I am actually quite in need at the moment.

Several events in my life are currently unfolding, possibly with very problematic outcomes.

I'm trying to lead things to a better direction. I hope it'll work out eventually.

When I see where these dice fall in the end, perhaps I'll share some details.

Thanks again, and keep up your great work!

@ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

@Zemeliko @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

Shaul - Every morning, I do a prayer meditation where I run through the many beloveds in my life asking for blessings. I call it my Gallery of Beloveds. When I pray in this space, never know what is best or God's will, though I ask for best for all in His way. You and yours are there now. It's a little thing, but heartfelt and soulful.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis Well gear up for this Friday. Next in person court appearance. I have a feeling the lies and false accusations are going to be ramped up since he was able to do “inventory” of both the barn and house last week. My children and I had to vacate the premises while he showed up between the hours of 9-5. @Zemeliko @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

@Ballerina @Zemeliko @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral

IMHO, from being there testifying for a close bud... plant your feet, pull shoulders back to natural not bowed, and look judge in eye while talking... nowhere else.

Best, L

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis Yes. I’ve been studying and reading all I can. Don’t dress to distract, no flashy jewelry, act professional and never show emotion. 😉 @Zemeliko @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral


I'm also divorced. At least we did it peacefully.

In the Israeli FB group of divorced fathers I encounter many bad stories. Of course, in most of them the mother is the problematic person.

But it's a consensus there (and should be everywhere) that a parent, of whatever gender, who prefers fighting over the well-being of their children, is a piece of crap.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral @wziminer @QuillClemens @Teneseo

@Zemeliko I am fighting for the well being of my one child who he picked up one day and never returned. They psychological damage that is being done to him getting to the point of being irreversible and yet, nobody seems to care. He has told me, “fuck you”, called me a “bitch” and told me I am going straight to hell and other abhorrent things. Because of his age, he gets to choose who to live with. @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral @wziminer



Holy crap, that sounds awful, like the typical signs of parental alienation (one of the most severe phenomena around divorce these days).

It's one of the worst things a parent can do to his child against the other parent.

What does your ex want, anyway? Money-related things?

Also, how many children do you have, and how old are they (in particular the one you mentioned)?

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @ZionHal @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @Debradelai @PathIntegral @wziminer

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