From an article about anti-Semitism in American college campuses:

Survey among Jewish students in the US

Were you ever a victim of Anti-Semitism on campus? 55% yes, 45% no

Did the administration of the institution where you study takes Anti-Semitism and your personal safety seriously? 28% yes, 72% no

Do you feel the need to hide your support of Israel? 55% yes, 45% no

Survey carried out by StopAntisemitism among students in 25 American colleges (they don't say where)

A well-explained video describing the importance of the 1929 Hebron massacre to the understanding of the Jewish-Arab conflict until the current day:

There were previous incidents, like those of 1920 in the old city of Jerusalem or 1921 in Jaffa, but the 1929 was more significant, incited by Hajj Amin al-Hussaini using the lie that ``The Jews are after the Al-Aqsa mosque'', still heard today.

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To my American friends,

At this memorial day, of the worst terrorist attack ever carried out, you are standing and remembering side by side with many friends around this world, among which I am proud to count myself as well.

Last year, on the twentieth anniversary, I visited the Israeli commemoration site:

We are all looking forward to days where you, and with you the rest of the world, are led by much better, freedom-loving people.

These days will come, soon 馃檹

My deepest condolences to the British people, here on QV and in general, on the passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

She was doing her role in leading her country gracefully for seven decades, some of which have been rather tumultuous. Respected and respectful on the world stage and at home, she navigated the Royal family elegantly between possible scandals, wisely avoiding and preventing the vast majority of them.

May she set an example for future Throne holders. RIP 馃檹鉂わ笍馃槩馃挃

Addendum 3:

One of the greatest performers we ever had is Tsvika Pick. Many of his songs are all-time hits, even today.

Some examples, including good base lines like discussed in

with @wtawtaw_gal, @SpiceOfOurLife, @Timmerax, and others are:

He passed away this Sunday. A great loss. RIP 馃檹馃槬

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Guys, I need help.

My cousin moved to Philly for her post-doc, and they're now in a visit back in Israel. Flying back in a few days.

Her husband was with her and the two kids. But his visa is still not approved, meaning that she must fly back alone.

No answers, no time estimates, nothing.

Anybody here has, perhaps, some connections that may help?

Tagging people for more exposure:

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I'm now in Sarajevo, Bosnia for a math conference (speaking tomorrow, actually).

The city is in a valley, surrounded by mountains from all directions.

They have a cable car, climbing to a nearby mountain, with breathtaking views of the city and in other directions.

I attach three photos here.

But as I was walking towards the cable car, I passed near a few workers, and I couldn't ignore their tool suitcase. The urge to show it to @DeWalt was too strong. The fourth picture explains why 馃檪

Addendum 2:

My GF read this thread recently, and she was under the impression that it's too much male-oriented.

In order to balance this impression in every potential reader, I'm adding a few songs of talented female Israeli singers, of which we do have quite a few:


Dafna Armoni:

Hamachshefot (the Witches):

Shiri Maimon:


My older kid is into the Rick Riordan books (Percy Jackson et al, translated to Hebrew of course).

They are based on many mythologies (Greek, Nordic, others), and some historical figures.

So he now examines me about the Greek gods or Roman Caesars 馃槀

And today he asked to go to the new Thor movie, of Marvel Studios.

It was actually pretty good, with some nice humor, and virtually clean from progressive indoctrination. I was happy with that 馃檪

What say you, @Josephcdickerson?

So, the Cretin-in-Chief visits Jerusalem these days.

A LOT of organizations and, security issues.

While I share your opinion of him, we do have to take these precautions - he is POTUS, after all, and the last thing we need is some crap happening HERE.

But this means blocked roads and more, in a city that was never known for wise transportation planning.

Events are canceled left and right.

My GF and I have to attend a wedding tomorrow, right where he's visiting. We'll see how this goes...

Hi Quods,

Just dropping by quickly to wish all of my American friends here an awesome celebration for the 4th of July.

I hope you all get to spend it having a great time with your families and friends, and enjoy being citizens of your great country.

Yes, times are harder right now, but your country has been through worse, and will rise again, stronger than ever. Do not despair, better days lie ahead.

You have the support of many outsiders, and I'm proud to be one of them.

Be blessed!


Thanks for the follow! Very much appreciated 馃檪

I hope you find it worthwhile, since I'm writing much less recently. But I'll try to make sure that the little that I write will be of good quality 馃檪

Insane weeks... I slept at my ex-wife's two nights. Once she was on a trip as a teacher, and another due to an ER visit.

Then this weekend & holidays, she's somehow COVID positive (I thought we're after this crap already 馃う鈥嶁檪锔), and plans with the kids change again.

Between her place, mine, my GF's, and now my parents (with the kids), I do more bed-hopping that a rock star on a tour, but with much less fun.

Add to it mess on social media, and you get the drift.

Now try to do math in between...

As I mentioned several times, I visited Vietnam in 2009.

At that time of my life I used to buy T-shirts from every place that I visited (not that there were that many...).

This is the one I got there.

Maybe now @StevenDouglas or @alpineibex could help me finally understand what's written on that shirt from 13 years ago 馃檪

Yes, I told @MEMA here

that Google translate helps, but I can't write Vietnamese characters here, so I'm in need of others assistance.


OK, let's see how this one goes by the virtual taste buds of the ladies of QV, as well as those of our beloved @StevenDouglas:

Chicken liver, fried with onions and garlic, with various spices but also a bit of soy sauce and red wine, next to mashed potatoes, in which I threw in a variant of the same spices.

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Due to previous replies, I'm tagging @QuillClemens and @timr too.

We had a project where known singers took poems and letters of fallen soldiers, composed tunes for them, and released them as commemoration of the writers.

Here's one by Idan Amedi, to the lyrics of the fallen 1st Sgt. Moshe Ohayon:


Another one, a real tear-jerker, is Idan Haviv's song Oz:

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Addendum 1 (leaving room for others later):

@QuillClemens mentioned Idan Raichel. Here's one song from his project, partially in Amharic, sang by Kabra Kasai, who was born to Ethiopian parents in Sudan on their journey here:

Another song that I like and missed, by Ivri Lider and Nathan Goshen:

But in this Rememberance Day, I'd like to present a glimpse of the feeling here, with the newer songs that people wrote for fallen soldiers.


I can't stop at any point without feeling that I did injustice to those who weren't included in that thread, as many additional singers, and other songs of those already mentioned, deserve to be presented.

But I can't go on forever, so stopping here would be a good point as any.

I'm tagging here a few extra people who may find these songs interesting:

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Yehonatan Geffen (father of Aviv from before) wrote quite a few children stories, now known in every Israeli home, including some songs:

He's very lefty, but his childhood stories don't reflect that yet.

Arik Sinai: (my GF and her brother really love this one)

Jane Bordeaux (American Country style):

Idan Amedi: (about soldiers' PTSD)


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