You may well have already seen it (it was retweeted by Carlos Osweda from replies to his threads at least twice), but just in case you didn't:

It is one of the best and most genuine walkaway videos out there.

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This article from the Herald Report was presented on Twitter by its author, Turki al-Owerde, and retweeted by Carlos Osweda:

I think you'll all like it, despite the grammatical and spelling mistakes there.

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Hi guys, any thoughts about this video?

I wasn't expecting much, both according to the name and to the guy who posted it to FB, but I was surprised for the better. Or am I misled?

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I'm pretty sure some of you, especially those related to California, are going to like this presentation of JP Sears:

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This guy is an amazing inspiration. After Carlos Osweda mentioned him on Twitter yesterday, his subscribers count went from about 9K to over 41K in less than 24 hours. And the more people hear his messages, the better, so I believe.

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To all my American friends here, I wanted to say that I stand by your side on the memorial day to the horrific event that happened 19 years ago.

May the memory of all the fallen people that day stay forever in all our hearts.

Every sane person on the planet should send their love and condolences, and make sure that such a cowardly and fanatical attack on the free world is never allowed to repeat.

From Israel, be blessed.

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This is definitely related to the huge explosion from last month:

Whenever such a thing happens, the first thing that I think about is waiting for the thread of Carlos Osweda, explaining what really happened.

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@hnijohnmiller As an Israeli, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing thread:

It helped me clear out my mind about what happens in my country and around it.

I wish many of my countrymen, who currently bow to their ``guilt'' about Palestinian suffering, will get some of it into their thick heads.

Another one of @ThomasWic 's predictions coming to light:

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @HeshmatAlavi @REX It would be nice to see if Carlos Osweda will have some additional insights on Twitter about this.

@Debradelai You have much more knowledge about any of us about Argentina, its dirty war, and especially its treatment of Jews. Does the following article make any sense? It looks interesting, but I don't have enough background to identify it as horse manure in case it is... Thanks!

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @REX @drawandstrike @HeshmatAlavi

This is one of the best explanations I've ever seen for how much Trump is different from everyone near and around him in the American politics:

My apologies for repetition if you've already seen it.

@Debradelai @REX @ThomasWic @drawandstrike Will one of you be kind and show the following video to Carlos Osweda?

Joey Saladino confirms in this video several things that he wrote on his threads about the silent majority, and I think that he'd like that (and maybe even use it for one of his awesome threads).


Happy Independence Day to my American friends here! (in Israel it's already 2am on July 4th, so I'm off to bed)

An awesome tweet by @Lrihendry, that POTUS retweeted:

Been out all day putting Trump stickers on rioters cars, then sitting back watching them destroy each other’s cars.

I have been Quarantined for so long i needed a little entertainment and had time to be creative.

Gotta love that woman 🙂

@Debradelai May I ask you to reach @ThomasWic for me for asking his permission? I refer some guys on Facebook to the Carlos Osweda threads, and for explaining why I trust him for so long, I'd like to refer them also to TW's blog and other writings. But I don't know if he'd like the info that he is CO publicly written. Would you be kind and ask him for me?

It's true that it's sometimes mentioned in replies to CO's threads, but I'd like to be on the safe side here.

Many thanks!

@Debradelai @drawandstrike @ThomasWic @REX

I've encountered a series of three videos called ''The Worldwide War on Truth'', discussing something called the Soviet ``Active Measures'' and disinformation. They said many interesting things there. Of course, they're leftists (it was on the NYT site), and in the end they mentioned DJT in ways making it clear that they have no real idea about him specifically. Care to check it out and shed clearer light? I can link it here if you like. Thanks!

@HeshmatAlavi I have now seen an interview of an Israeli journalist with an amazing Iranian guy, who used to be IRGC until they wanted him to do atrocities and he refused. He was tortured severely and escaped, after uploading many videos to show the world the truth about Iran. His name is Mortaza Mostajeran. Ever heard of him?

I can try to send a link to the interview (about 20 mins) if you like.

@Debradelai I finally had a month with a bit more air to breath, so I could send this. I hope it helps.

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