Many here probably remember that @ThomasWic had hated the Irish for years after almost being killed in an IRA bombing.

Emily Hand is an 9yo Israeli child who also holds Irish citizenship through her father Thomas. She was thought to have died on Oct 7th, but in reality was abducted by Hamas, and was released today as part of the agreement.

This tweet describes her as being "found" after being "lost":

A small detail - this is the freaking PRIME MINISTER OF IRELAND πŸ˜‘πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ™„

Aaaaand - yes, I got them πŸ™‚

Already put some boxes in the storage room, kids will be coming tomorrow for the weekend (and I'll take them to see the new place as well), parents and brother will come on Saturday to have a final dinner in the old place together, and I'll start the moving during the next week.

Thank you @Zapato, @Mnorman, @alpineibex, @Jaime, and @Linnie for the good wishes, and may all of you Quods enjoy a fine meal and good bonding with your loved ones this evening!

Just want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

Here in Israel it's just an ordinary day, but for me it may bear significance, as I may finally be getting the key to my new apartment πŸ™

Yeah, this means that ATM a lot of my belongings are in boxes, and instead of thinking about math I think about what to keep and how to move it (apart from the fight for my country in social media, which I do less than I wanted to because of the above).

But you guys - celebrate well with your families! πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ˜Š

Some people talk about Gaza in terms of an open-air prison, while others go further and claim it's a ghetto, and even a concentration camp.

While cretins can use very recent pictures from Gazato justify their claims, they all said the same crap also before October 7th, where the pictures in my latest FB post show how ridiculous this all is:

In addition, the situation in Iranian Balochistan is getting worse, and my post contains links with more info about that as well.


This is how my new post on Facebook starts:

It contains many pieces of evidence, to those who might need to see it, how the people to which Palestinian lives matter the least are those who keep talking as if their "fight" is for the Palestinian people.

The Balochis in southeastern Iran are suffering no less than the Palestinians in Gaza, as I also mention there. I wonder why campuses in the West aren't full of demonstrations for them...

Too many cretins shout about the "Genocide in Gaza!!!?!!1!!".

I've given some comparison with numbers, and hope to open the eyes of some people to how ridiculous this claim is:

I also mention there the oppression of the Balochis in Iran again, happening THESE DAYS. If their story is more well-known, this can help the world against the terrible Ayatollah regime there.

The following Facebook page contains a lot of up-to-date info:

There is now an increase in the uprising of the Balochi minority in southeastern Iran (the Sistan and Balochistan province), which hopefully will help reduce the stronghold of the terrible Ayatollah regime on the Iranian people.

It's a minority of the type the left likes to pretend to support (darker, poorer, different faith, really oppressed).

I wrote a post about it Facebook right now, with more info and links to the situation and reality there:

The great JP Sears with an excellent video about the situation here (which is already 2 weeks old but only now my GF and I found it):

"experts suggest it's because they are morons" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

On a less amused note, here's an interrogation with a captured Hamas terrorist, saying their orders precisely what we know them to have been:

I'd say it should convince the anti-Semite, but as Mark Twain said, no amount of evidence will convince a fool...

In addition, our former PM, Yair Lapid, which is more suitable to be a reporter, actually wrote a decent thread about the situation here:

Here is another thread, shared so kindly by @darulharb, exemplifying the radicalization Palestinian children are under through their childhood (not unlike Sohail from the previous toot):

It's good that people on this forum know the truth...

Oh, and thank you @DawnM for your kind message!

An amazing interview by a British Muslim, named Suhail Ahmad, who tells about his de-radicalization and how it went along:

Having such people in the world gives me some hope for the future.

I'll take this opportunity to mention this post by our @wziminer, about Arab heroism here on Oct 7th:

(thanks @karnage, @Stefanie, and @BrendaJean for their comments).

Thank you @QuillClemens for this post too:

Here's my latest post on Facebook, for which I used my two favorite Israeli Telegram channels, but also another interview by Bassem Eid, which was shared on FB by a good friend of mine (whom I met through this site):

It discusses how terrorist organizations like Hamas view the goal of interviews so very differently than virtually anyone else, with a few examples from said sources.

Too bad the Hamas interrogations only have Hebrew subtitles though, sorry...

I have now added another Facebook post, including the video by Bassem Eid that was shared by our @StevenDouglas here:

I also used the Twitter link posted by @EngOnDemand here:

The post I wrote is a bit long, so I won't copy it here again, but the link to those who wish to see it is here:

Thank you both, my friends, for bringing this material here, and helping me putting out better posts to the world!

Yeah, we don't know what they personally think or support (but who cares, right?), but we must go there now, scare the sh*t of their small children, and perhaps beat them up. This is all justified in the name of the oh-so-sacred "resistance", and will help up "free Palestine"!

Anyone who finds the smallest shred of value in what these hypocritical cretins say or advocate for has to check their moral compass thoroughly, and do it now.

I'll put the link later.


My latest post on Facebook:

Pro-Palestinian protesters in North America and Europe: How dare the IDF damage the hair of any Palestinian civilian!??! Yeah, they're standing next to a rocket launcher aimed at Israeli civilians, or next to a Hamas leader organizing a terrorist attack, but you're not allowed to damage them under any circumstances!

Also pro-Palestinian protesters in North America and Europe: Here's the address of the Israeli professors in the university of our town.


We are all aware of the leftist bias in many Western universities, in particular American.

The bias manifests itself these days as anti-Israel, pro-Hamas organizations of students who are explicit terrorist apologists.

Here is a feisty, heartfelt, to the gut speech given by Prof. Shai Davidai, an Israeli professor from Columbia university. It certainly deserves a watch from anyone who wants to know how Israelis feel abroad right now.

And I put that also on FB as well:

As this thread becomes long enough, I’d only say that my family and friends are OK, though I do know a few people who are close to victims.

Thank you @QuillClemens, @Donjanusgjrdrm, @EarlThePearls, @DeWalt, and others for caring messages and questions!

May better days come to my country and this world.



Or Rachel Edry from Ofakim, a 65yo woman who managed to keep her cool, befriend the terrorists who took over her house for about 18 hours (!), feed them, and keep them calm until the police team (led by her own son) was able to take them out and free her and her husband. Her story is unbelievably amazing, and she sounds even comical as she tells it.

Had someone wrote her story as a script for a movie last week, it would have been thrown off as impossible and unbelievable.


Many separations are damaging and artificial.

To finish in a lighter note, I’ll say again that there were MANY heroes last Saturday. Many of them were women, like Inbal Rabin-Lieberman, who was in charge of the security in Nir Am, realized that something was VERY off, called the security team on time, and killed the 25 terrorists attacking her Kibbutz were all without a single casualty.

Or Chen, who was attacked in the music festival, and days after came back with her unit to fight.


Right-wingers and left-wingers, who’d argue in shouting until last week, calling each other VERY nasty names, combine efforts to organize supplies, and even provide each other cover during the fighting.

Druze, Circassians, Bedouins, and Israeli-Arabs (both Christians and Muslims) join their forces with Jews, as they are all citizens, they all want good life here for themselves and others, and they all do BELONG here.

Any some of the victims are from these populations.


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