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California has metastasized.
The US has stage 4 cancer.

The Point of No Return...

by Thomas Sowell

" This is an election year. But the issues this year are not about Democrats and Republicans. The big issue is whether this nation has degenerated to a point of no return -- a point where we risk destroying ourselves, before our enemies can destroy us. "

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul?" Mark8:36

As I grasped to make sense of everything that has happened over the course of the last few years, God has always put this on my heart.

California has metastasized.
The US has stage 4 cancer.

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Another American hero gone.
General Chuck Yeager
February 13, 1923 - December 7, 2020

A sad day for me: an icon, an American hero, Walter E. Williams passed away. Another hero, Thomas Sowell, payed homage to his best friend...

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@2020_DJT I wish I could do the same. I donate a small amount every month to help out here but being on a widows ss benefit im broke.After paying my half of the bills and helping with car repairs etc theres not much left if any 😢


I believe they committed their heist in EVERY state; some more than others, however, all of the states.

14. I keep reading idiots who seem to think that at the end of the day, it will all just settle down and 'onto the 2022 mid-terms'.

You are kidding, right?

Be in no doubt. If this crew take power, America will never have a fair election again.

And the 'Democratic Party' (whoever they are) will never lose power again.


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3. Powell refers to Title 50 for the first time.

Title 50 (below) is a sprawling piece of legislation defining what POTUS can and can't do when the US is at war, or in a national emergency.

For example, Trump's EO 13848 was ordered under T 50.

Anyway, what I think Powell is pointing us towards is that there is a national emergency in place and that Title 50 covert operations are occurring behind the scenes.

There's a LOT MORE happening than any of us know.

2. I have been concerned that Powell's main piece of evidence is an affidavit from a Chavez senior military officer.

Powell keeps referring to it as 'smoking hot'. My opinion has been 'it's interesting, sure. But if that is all she has, it doesn't prove anything in 2020. Why is Sidney going on and on about it?'

The tweet above answers my question. I think Powell is indicating that COMBINED WITH OTHER EVIDENCE, the affidavit becomes RED HOT.

What other evidence?

Check out Powell's tweet.

1. It is now becoming clearer what Sidney Powell's focus is.

Remember, Powell is likely unable to reveal all (even if she wants to). She is a lawyer acting on client instructions. Not just that, I suspect that the evidence she has access to is classified at the highest level.

But we know that Powell has seen evidence that has STUNNED her. Perhaps even frightened her. It's obvious by her demeanor and speech.

Powell is trying her best to give us more information:

One thing that chafes my hide is all of these East Coasters insisting on pronouncing it "neh-VAH-dah".

The "a" in the middle syllable is short, as in "bad", "dad" and "mad".

Nevada. Say it right.

@RangerJohn Many do not understand that if we don't fix this now it will be the end of our republic. Without the integrity of the vote there is no concept of consent. Many politicians are already posturing to accept a Biden presidency, a fools errand. Biden is a placeholder for whoever our new taskmasters choose. We lose this and it is the end. This is why I believe Trump will NEVER allow this. We all hope the courts will right the ship but if not the Executive is also capable of doing so.

Heartbreaking. If you are an average American (especially economically and/or caste below average), don’t make a lot of money, try to do right by your kids and family and otherwise have nothing, you have one thing that is priceless; is the envy of the World; and has cost the lives of countless soldiers: Your vote. Bill Gates gets one vote and you do too. This is the greatest grand theft in history against you. Teach your kids. This may hurt, but it is worth it.

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