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WHAAAAAT? If I screw up my toot I have an EDIT OPTION???

Heaven! That's what this is! I'm in social heaven! I'll say it one more time...

@jack can SUCK IT!!!

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I think I'm liking this Twatter alternative but the layout will take some gettin' used to.

And 500 characters? So much freedom!

@jack can suck it!


I urge everyone to read this article.

It could be that Trump is forcing the Democrats to have an open convention.

That means they lose the election, regardless of who they choose.

They're going to lose the election anyway, but an open convention means Trump wins at least 48 states.

(17) It is a great day for ALL of us.

Those who came and still do on the coattails of Don Crist贸bal Col贸n, Almirante de la Mar Oc茅ano, whose descendants still carry name and title,

Certainly, I would not be writing this in the mountains of Virginia enjoying a California Cabernet and some Spanish Jabugo were it not for that intrepid sailor, those who supported him and those who followed him in the greatest adventure in the history of mankind.

Long Live the Admiral of the Ocean Sea!


@ilumanous et al.

(1) I'm more than four weeks behind, but here we go.

This year we celebrated 527 years since the day a sailor with balls made of cement and steel touched land in Guanahani (left), a tiny island we are now almost certain was San Salvador, in the Bahamas.

And changed history.

Juan de la Cosa, the owner of the Santa Mar铆a, left us a map (right) to find it.

As an Aside, in his diary, Col贸n told us how COLD it was...

Gert Fr枚be!

Joined the Nazi party in 1929 at the age of 16 and left it in 1937.

Hid a Jewish man named Mario Blumenau and his mother from the Nazis--saving their lives--was drafted, and fought the Russians in the Battle of Berlin.

A classically trained violinist, he made over 100 films.

On my top ten list of actors.

Y'know.. before I found twitter and SQV, I used to play an online game, where rental on a play area used to cost about $385 USD per month, to keep the place alive.

We used to raise funds by reminding them they'd think nothing of buying a coffee or a drink for friends on Friday night - yet they'd spend 10 times the time playing (reading) in here.

For the amount of entertainment and education I find in ya'll, hell yes you're ALL worth a coffee / drink per week. Donate !!!


"Vindman demands to be called Lt Col Vindman. When introducing himself to us at Cambridge University, 3 star General @GenFlynn told us to call him Mike. I know which one I respect."

Yes, Svetlana. That sums it up.

The folly of "renewables".

Michael Shellenberger is now a proponent of reality.

Another mass shooting. Greenville TX connected with TAMU-Commerce homecoming.

Prepare to receive mass blame for a crime committed by an individual psycho.

You think I'm joking.

I'm absolutely serious about this.

Hope this gives your day a little lift. Laughing is contagious Yet if you鈥檙e lucky enough, sometimes you can find happiness in a subway train.

One such magical moment was captured when a Belgian advertising agency working for Coca-Cola hired an actor to randomly start laughing on the train.

With the tag-line 鈥撯淗appiness starts with a Smile鈥濃 their new ad aims to bring a bit of joy to everyone鈥檚 day. Just watch and we dare you not to let out a small giggle, too!

If I re-register as a Democrat can I vote for Trump twice?


The better things are, the more hysterical our side gets.

The danger now is that this constant doom-crying will rev up a right-wing nutter who will commit a mass-casualty atrocity that will play into the hands of the Democrats.

It's never too late to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

(3) Never mind that Free Markets in Free Societies have done more to advance the well-being of more people than any other system ever devised.

Never mind that Socialist remedies have caused more death, hunger and devastation than any other system ever.

You're a heartless monster if you don't surrender.

So remember this, if you remember nothing else from me:

When politicians appeal to feelings rather than Reason...RUN

Run for the woods and don't look back. You are about to get screwed


(2) Thus, proponents of this fallacy resort to the exploitation of feelings.

There's no other way to peddle that intellectual garbage.

Don't you care that people suffer?

Yes, we do. Only sociopaths do not.

Alas, the question isn't whether someone "cares" or not, but what's the best course to alleviate that suffering, if possible.

That they will not discuss

Thus Sociotards label anyone who does not subscribe to their witch doctor medicine as a heartless, materialistic, money grabbing grue.

(1) A basic characteristic of all forms of Socialism is their irrationality.

The entire edifice is built upon a falsehood. A sophism.

And that sophism is that if a man is in charge of, say, his own factory, he will inevitably exploit his fellow man.


If the same man is in charge of the same factory as a state employee...he will magically transform himself and become a selfless altruist.

The sheer imbecility of the argument cannot be defended by any rational means.


That means you're doing it right.

When you get to your target weight, you'll find that in time, you won't be hungry anymore.

Keep with it. You can do it.

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