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WHAAAAAT? If I screw up my toot I have an EDIT OPTION???

Heaven! That's what this is! I'm in social heaven! I'll say it one more time...

@jack can SUCK IT!!!

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I think I'm liking this Twatter alternative but the layout will take some gettin' used to.

And 500 characters? So much freedom!

@jack can suck it!

"Dems applauded El Paso and Daytons leaders for saying President @realDonaldTrump
should not be welcome in their cities after the shootings, but are upset about Reps Tlaib & Omar not being welcome in Israel. "


Seriously. Like Michelle Obama's school lunch edicts.

My hubby did a mid-life career change 4 years ago to a highschool teacher in a neighboring socioeconomic-challenged county. I myself struggled to get it for a while, but it was his calling and I had his back, and it turns out he is EXCELLENT at connecting with, inspiring, and empowering the kids.


Some guy commented back that my father was mentally ill.
"Nobody cries like that, every day. Your dad's got a problem."

He's wrong.
Patriots from my Dad's generation know exactly what was happening ... and many shed tears over it.

My Daddy was in the Navy, WWII.
He passed three years ago at the age of 94.
At one point during the Obama reign, I commented on a post that my Dad was shedding tears every day for what was happening to our country.
He would say,

"What's happening here is what we fought against so long ago! Did we fight and die in vain?!"

(My dad is on the right in this picture)

I've learned that we can never really know others.

They show us what they want us to see.

Trusting people is a leap of faith. I don't mind taking that leap, because I always expect the worst.

Sounds bad, but it actually isn't. I'm prepared for anything.

The best we can do is make educated guesses about people. I expect the worst, BUT I'm not suspicious, if that makes any sense.

Nobody knows what was going on in Epstein's head.

@RobertRickly @Zed_Leppelin

I was Cruz all the way. I sat out the election because I couldn't vote for Trump, and I hated Clinton.

President Trump win me over very quickly.

Beyond the accomplishments, he won't suffer a lying press. He calls it like he sees it, and isn't encumbered by all that stuff his staff says that he can't do.

He cuts three Gordian knots each day, before breakfast.


I'd given up voting by 2016.

Trump is the only reason I'm still involved.

Just out of curiousity...

How many of us were Cruzers before Trump revealed himself as perhaps the greatest president in a generation and, now likely, one of the All Time Top Five?

I still like Cruz a great deal but I'm glad to say I was wrong about DJT!

I have been working in public schools for the last 15 years. I have seen the negative effects of lack of positive male role models on my fatherless male students, first hand. Part of the issue with violence of young men today is the lack of these role models. I would LOVE to see public ALL boy schools staffed with MASCULINE males teaching these boys how to control their aggression & become real men.

Sometimes I take for granted what a privilege it has been to have had the opportunity to enjoy moments like this.


We see from the photos that the El Paso mass shooter has flat affect.

In other words, he's catastrophically mentally ill.

This thread will trace the timeline of the failed social experiment of "deinstitutionalization"--allowing the severely mentally ill to remain on the streets, refusing treatment.

I was a kid in the 80s. I remember gun racks full of guns inside of many pick up trucks in my Northern CA town. No one would ever conceive up shooting up schools, festivals, & shopping centers back then. Guns were not a problem back then, and they are not the problem now. We have become a society that doesn't respect life. We have become a society with young people with nihilistic fetishes. I blame the Left & their tendency to excuse evil.

I understand my new HS principal is one of the Paradise refugees.

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