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Pastor Allen Nolan with Cornerstone Fellowship Church now has his sermons available on podcast. Here's the link via Spotify:

I recommend his recent 3 part series regarding marriage vows and oaths starting 9/25/22. He discusses what Jesus says about divorce and why the justification for divorce should not be simplified only to adultery. Pastor Nolan also discusses his research library and his approach to translating and interpreting scripture.

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His approach is the take the Bible literally as opposed to allegorically, apply exegesis, his knowledge of New Testament Greek, and research into Hebrew traditions. I think the results are insights and clarifications that strengthen and clarify one's faith. He does include extensive cross-references between verses and discusses the chronology and math behind prophesies in Daniel, Ezekiel, etc. He "shows his work" in other words.

I've found these to be very informative especially at this time.

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Previously, I've posted links to specific sermon series from Pastor Allen Nolan with Cornerstone Fellowship Church in Tahlequah, OK. Below is a link to a sermon library of his "Most Popular" sermons series which includes the 66 episode Introduction to Revelation and the 89 episode series of the Book of Genesis. Obviously, these series were completed over a number of years. There are also shorter series such the 7 episode series about Heaven.

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Father Chris piqued my curiosity when he stated that there will be work in Heaven and other statements indicating a tangible hereafter. So here's another sermon series (7 episodes) by Pastor Nolan with Cornerstone Fellowship discussing the current Heaven, the Millennium, and the future Heaven and Earth:

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Here is a more recent and shorter sermon series by Pastor Allen Nolan regarding the Olivet Discourse and the End Times according to Jesus. This series is 18 episodes and provides a more concise and updated interpretation from his earlier verse-by-verse of Revelation.

Head's up that Saul is going into a deep dive into what lead up to 9/11/01 on the VIP Room tonight on Odysee. In case you have not heard his take and detailed history.

Where else does one get the real reason for the 2008 financial crisis and a unique and deeper perspective of history, policy, media and politicians/ bureaucrats.

Armed with this awareness, we do have facts and context to counter the language, premises, and arguments of the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself).

And if a Biden supporter winds up lamenting what Biden is doing or not doing, we should remind them that Biden is keeping his promises and serving his constituencies.

We are blessed to be better informed via SQV and Quodverum TV. It can feel like a curse; however, in that we often wonder if there will be consequences/karma for all of the corruption, fraud, and bad policies.

But other advise we've received here is to focus on what we can influence like getting involved with local party politics and elections.

We should continue to be aware and informed so that we can reduce our exposure to the risks of bad policies.

I wind up reminding like-minded friends not to let President Biden off the hook by attributing the various bad outcomes and decision making to diminished capacity. These bad outcomes and decision making are the result of President Biden and his people implementing their policies and priorities..

I needed to highlight an observation from Saul regarding President Biden's performance. Saul makes the point that President Biden is keeping his campaign promises.

Biden's detractors and critics tend to target his verbal foibles and mental health, but often miss that he and the Democrats are doing their best to implement the green new deal, his version of DEI, immigration reform, judicial reform, etc.

People lamenting the current state of the nation should be reminded of this fact.

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@Zapato Neil is one of my favorites. And just FYI, in common parlance, an Irishman speaks with a “Brogue” while a Scot speaks with a “Burr”

Nothing like a good political rant in a Scottish brogue courtesy of GBN/Neil Oliver:

Yapping with Saul last night featured another master class for understanding some of the recent financial events and money laundering schemes that many do not even know exist.

At Don Surber's Substack, he takes on the latest editorial/narrative by Harvard Nieman Labs/Joshua Benton romanticizing local newspapers and lamenting their decline while blaming corporate greed. Of course, Surber sets the record straight with actual history and data.

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"So long as we continue to refer to madness or worse as “the Left,” so long will we continue to legitimize and give it a platform. More accurate words are needed. For people of faith who accept absolute truths in the realm of morality — or just people who accept scientific fact — finding more accurate words should not be difficult."

I would argue that we need *concrete* words.

Authoritarians despise the absolute, because it stinks of something greater than themselves.

Consistent with the reminder not to play the woke/progressive game by conceding language and premises, the Stream/Raymond Ibrahim posted the following:

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Hours after Stanford University apologized to Fifth Circuit appellate judge Kyle Duncan for the disruption of his talk last week, administrators encouraged members of the law school's Federalist Society chapter, which sponsored Duncan's visit, to "reach out" to the same administrators—including the diversity dean—who aided and abetted the melee.

Recent post from Don Surber's Substack recalling accusations against President Nixon that he had a "Southern Strategy":

One of the foundational beliefs among Democrats and liberals is that southern Democrats wound up becoming Republicans in the South as a result of Nixon. Surber provides the actual history and data to refute that perception and points out that it took many more decades for southern state legislatures to flip from Democrat to Republican.

Interesting how history rhymes and how the elite and educated can often be easy marks and enablers.

American Thinker/Janet Levy reviews " Hitler’s Aristocrats: The Secret Power Players in Britain and America Who Supported the Nazis, 1923-1941":

Of course, we are all vulnerable to hubris; but hopefully, there is discernment by which we can avoid these pitfalls and enabling evil.

The Stream/Tom Gilson writes about the current fad of "post-reality". Not to be confused with "post-realism" and just a reminder that there is nothing new under the sun.

If one wants an overview of Taiwan, The Stream/David Marshall posted an introduction from his perspective when he lived there as a young Christian missionary:

Thinking that Drop could weigh in if there are any misperceptions.

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Yeah, I guess that's good news of a sort. But turns out that she didn't fit into the job...

Interview with Jim Garlow by the Stream/Aliyah Kuykendall discussing his observations and reflections regarding the Asbury Revival:

He attended Asbury the fall following the 1970 revival.

Observed this directly when discussing the Wuhan Lab as the source of COVID. A younger co-worker began to counter asking what difference does it make regarding the source, which is a defensive argument against perceived "anti-Chinese" sentiment. We countered by pointing out how Dr. Fauci worked around gain-of-function research restrictions to fund this research at the Wuhan Labs and further criticized the hubris/mad scientist aspects of this.

And left it at that.

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