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For those interested in excellent verse by verse Biblical analysis, I highly recommend sermons by Allen Nolan at

Interesting perspective regarding the Nordstream pipeline incidents cautioning against assuming sabotage given who is responsible for (non) maintaining these pipelines:

Powerline/John Hinderaker posted an excellent thread describing why wind turbines are not green. Excellent information regarding effort and cost to mine and produce virgin copper:

I disagree with the assertion of a "bleak future" as I think that more reflects MSM bias in covering Christianity. But the article has excellent practical suggestions for opportunities to engage:

Mark Judge's latest article sharing response from one of his high school teachers to his youthful assertion questioning coolness of worship:

With all the Lawfare we are currently witnessing, a reminder from "Judgment at Nuremberg"

Ernst Janning:
Judge Haywood... the reason I asked you to come. Those people, those millions of people... I never knew it would come to that. YOU must believe it, YOU MUST believe it.

Judge Dan Haywood:
Herr Janning, it came to that the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent.

Per our previous laments regarding how impenetrable it can be to have discussions with progressives/liberals, the following article suggests reasonable approaches/considerations. Not really 10 ways, but 10 factors to consider if one has the patience and the facts:

Richard Fernandez (AKA Wretchard) is an American web designer based in Australia who has deep knowledge of WWII history and current world events. I think his understanding and perspective are familiar with folks on SQV. Here's his latest regarding Dr. Fauci and the pandemic response:

Victor Davis Hanson is a conservative California historian/farmer with great insights into the disfunction in California and DC. His latest regarding President Trump:

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… but until they figure out what to do with the current problem, nothing is set yet.

Thank you for the Artemis updates, Dar ul Harb. Copy launch scrub.

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Reminder that Artemis I launch window opens at 7:33 am CDT. They are working a fueling issue, but launch window is ~2 hours. Helps when the target is the moon.

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Let’s take a moment and send our fondest words of support to our fearless leader, Saul Montes-Bradley II, who lost his beloved father this evening. Godspeed to your father, Saul — and may his memory bring you comfort.


He applies his knowledge of New Testament Greek, study of Hebrew traditions and sayings, and exegesis as the basis of his sermons.

He has a 66 episode study of the Book of Revelation and an 89 episode study of the Book of Genesis.

For those interested in excellent verse by verse Biblical analysis, I highly recommend sermons by Allen Nolan at

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.