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I have a personal friend who owns a gun store. I will ask him about your question this evening. He has 40 years of experience, so I am sure he will help answer your question.

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Would also love to hear his take. I took a class in 2019 to get a CPL. I am in Michigan with Witless for a governor.

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Here’s what I found out. The EO’s have little affect in the purchase of guns. People come in, buy a gun, wait for the State to run a background check, it comes back clean and you go back to the shop and pickup your gun.

Enter the ATF. They provide regulatory oversight that the gun shops must follow. Congress passes the laws that must be followed or they lose their Federal Firearms License.


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Type of weapon sold, magazine size, amount of ammo, type of ammo sold....can all be regulated. Certain weapons require a Federal Permit to possess. People ordering a gun online must have it shipped to an authorized dealer, before they can pick it up, the BG check must be cleared. Some are shocked that they need a BC check, they leave & never come back. CC Holders have BG checks done getting their permits. So, the ATF is key & their regulations.

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Willo....not sure about Michigan, but in most states, a Concealed Carry Permit holder can purchase a gun the same day because the background check was already been completed. From what I hear, they are pretty good at pulling the permits. Everything is connected through NCIC.

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Interesting. He did say that when he gets inventory in.....it’s gone within a couple of days. People have actually been waiting in the parking lot of delivery trucks. The fear is real, obviously.

@SomeLadyInVirginia @YoungBlood @Willojean2727 @Mikkall I live in CT & if you purchase a handgun & within 10 days you purchase another one, the store has to file a form but I can’t remember with which agency FBI or ATF. Here they also call in for a current background check before you can take your purchase. You also have to present a permit to buy ammo.

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1) Biden's a liar or totally uninformed. I bought my gun at a gun show.I had to have a background check
First,the gun dealer and his cousin(his cousin was a FBI guy btw)helped me choose my gun.I had to fill out paperwork and have the background check.They do that right there.

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Its not just simply a "private transfer"where you choose a gun, pay and walk out the door.Buying online is similar.The gun isnt shipped to you,its sent to a local gun dealer, bknd ck done there.

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Truth. My husband had a Class 03 FFL. When he bought his Henry, it had to be shipped to a dealer near us.

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