The Coast Guard operates C-27j aircraft for search and rescue, surveillance, etc.

I often see them up, sometimes doing Coast Guard stuff (as with the plane to the south) and sometimes they do stuff well away from the coast (as with the one to the north).

We are seeing many, many maritime patrol aircraft (E3, P3, P8) over land these days. To me, this is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence of very unusual surveillance operations over CONUS.

Two Eurofighters fly out of Jordan, over Israel, and out to sea towards Cyprus.

This is the sort of stuff that makes me wonder if these are all actually trainers.

Here we see a lone T-6A Texan flying an interesting pattern around the border.

I have posted before about surveillance versions of this aircraft being developed.

I wonder how many of these "trainers" have been equipped with some or all of the surveillance capacities that were mounted for the prototype surveillance versions.

Whenever I see one of these guys alone...

AF2 takes off from Washington DC.

Where is heels up Harris going to today?

14 surveillance/comm/command aircraft over CONUS right now. PNW had a P8 over WA but it landed moments ago. Not very many surveillance turboprops up...mostly the bigger strategic aircraft.

Bit of a busy day today. Just over 300 military aircraft visible over CONUS now.

There have been quite a few Spec Ops/electronic warfare C130s up and about. There are 10 buzzing around right now!

Zooming in on DC, we see a electronic warfare C130 to the north, a surveillance turboprop doing the Hagerstown circles again, a P8, and a P3.

NW we see a P3 and a P8 (ID by hex) and also an E3 over Utah I missed in the scan I did of the SW.

Over the middle and SW we see a Nightwatch 747 near Lincoln, several E3s, a couple E6s, an RC135W, a couple of Spec Ops C130s, a P8 off the coast (ID by hex), and a couple of surveillance turboprops. Pretty good coverage over this region too.

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