(1) Unless you have been under a rock for the last two years, you have been either pestered by, or fallen for the "Q-larp," a singular hoax some folks with an IQ lower than Joe Biden's like to call the "Q Movement."

The fact that their promoters were exposed a long time ago matters not.

@ThomasWic and I have been pointing to them from the start.

Even NBC caught up.



Personally, I've never watched a video by Tracy B and don't give a flying fsck about Q, that dog won't hunt

I *have* seen her uncover open source information on twitter that was helpful so I've taken it at face value for the last 6 months

She was attacked recently for her past politics. I thought her response was reasonable and honest. I could be wrong but I won't be browbeat in to believing it

NBCmedia lies, and smears 24/7 but *this* article is gospel proof?

How convenient.

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