I saw this picture on an NPC’s twitter feed and it made me want to WRETCH.

Obama was an ABOMINATION and for this man to “bond” with that wretched, law enforcement hating bitch who was never proud of her country until YADDA YADDA YADDA is unequivocal proof of the deep state Potomac 2 step.

As a duly appointed member in good standing as a FSCKING MAN I hereby REVOKE his man card. Now he can join her as a transgender noun of his pathetic choice.

Go...to...fscking hell

The job of the Judas goats is to give us that Jessica Tandy moment.

It's coming.

You'll love it.


Rosie memos -
Holy sh*t in August 2017 a complaint was filed with FEC about DNC and Chalupa accepting assistance from Ukrainian foreign nationals during the election. It was filed by..
Mathew Whitaker🔥

Eric Metaxas is a lone voice calling in the desert being surrounded by many blind, deaf and dumb knucklehead TOOLS.

His two Donald Drains the Swamp kids books are fantastic and Bonhoeffer was a masterpiece. If you ever have a chance to see him in person he’s one of the funniest lecturers I’ve ever seen.


@paul_schmehl @XL2_5N

If Mueller thought he was interviewing for the FBI position but Trump and RR were evaluating his potential as SC, it may explain some things.

RR wrote “I am with Mueller...” after the interview but before the SC pick announcement. Did he completely trust the recipient of this email? We don’t know that. But he certainly had to begin to build support to get Mueller as head of the SC.

Sessions trusted RR, as does Barr. I believe Trump trusts all 3.

A stirring and exquisite opinion piece regarding the Antifa thugs at Mohawk College written by one of the attendees who took his mother to the event.

A literary evisceration in the nicest way as only a nice Canadian boy could. LMAO

But make no mistake...he's all alpha male and the intellectual superior BY FAR.


Please follow @officersfallen and draw attention to a punk ass Police Chief with TDS named Tim Hagel in Thousand Oaks and the Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub who sides with him.


John Cardillo

Sign This Petition Urging President Trump To Unilaterally Secure America's Border

Activist liberal judges want to flood our nation with illegals. Don’t let them.


12:53 PM · Oct 2, 2019·Twitter for iPhone

signed, verified, counted 👌🏻


Purple Heart Recipient Dies after Saving Granddaughter from House Explosion

After the blast, family members say Don Osteen, 69, sustained a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body that left "flesh hanging off his body." Even after sustaining such serious injuries, Osteen grabbed his granddaughter and carried her a quarter of a mile up a driveway to find help.


"The house of cards that is Obamagate is collapsing...

Sundance will be along any minute now to accuse Gorka & Barr of being deep state...."


Great read by Roger Kimball. I only had to look up 1 word 🙂


The Little Engine That Couldn’t

The Democrats think the very fact that a president is impeached is enough tarnish his reputation and diminish his chances of success in the election. Don’t bet on it.

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make ridiculous. Has it happened to the Democrats yet? I think so, yes. I think so.

Extremely qualified climate modeller spills the beans...

"As to the impacts of human-caused CO2, they can’t be judged “with the knowledge and technology we currently possess.”


Whistleblower under Obama NSA with first hand facts denied by Obama OIG calls out Schiff.


Not sure if this was posted yet but more evidence that Durham will be opening a JINOURMOUS can of whoop ass on the frenzied lunatics who call themselves Democrats and will soon be going the way of the Whigs.

Good times!


Stehpen McIntyre @ClimateAudit (he and Ross McKitrick exposed the Hockey Stick by Michael Mann as a fraud) notices something rather amiss with the VERY RECENT changes to the Whistle Blower form.

Team Trump giving the Democrats enough rope to further hang themselves.


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