Taliban controlling Afghanistan was always going to happen no matter which POTUS pulled the troops

The Afghan military had 88,000 members and outnumbered the Taliban. The military leadership along with it's members were cowards and weak.

But Biden deserves complete blame on the pullout strategy

Audits themselves will never "overturn" the election, nor should they. That would come back to bite us as the Dems INVENT FRAUD to claim their next loss was a win. Trump cannot be "installed." It would be entirely illegitimate, even in the eyes of some of his supporters.

So why audits? TO KEEP THE OUTRAGE ALIVE. Outrage leads to action - especially at the local level. Both sides use outrage to advance their cause. The difference is our cause is JUST, which gives us the advantage.

Quick thoughts on "fraud vitiates everything"

This quote seems to have gained popularity among people who think the elections can be overturned.

The phrase is taken from UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON, a SCOTUS case in 1878. This was a land contract case. When the Justices used the term "everything" they referred specifically to contracts, not everything in life.

The POTUS or any election is not a contract so the statement doesn't apply here

Merissa Hamilton tweeted this out a short awhile ago.

"@WendyRogersAZ asked me to put together a briefing document on @maricopacounty 's rapid response tweets against @AZSenateGOP Election Integrity Audit status update"

Additional images here are the rest of the twitter thread. Merissa knows what she is talking about, as I have previously gone into earlier in the audit.

I've gone through the document and took screenshots.


Arizona Senate President, Fann, told OANN in an interview on Friday that the Arizona Legislature doesn't have the power to decertify the electors

I wish everyone including Arizona politicians would stop spreading this BS

Child tax credit checks: Will they become permanent?

(NEXSTAR) – The parents of an estimated 60 million American children began receiving child tax credit payments from the IRS this week in a move expected to lift millions of families above the…


This whole vaccination bullshit is ridiculous.

If the majority of the population is vaccinated, we're good.

What's happening now is VARIANTS, not the people who haven't been vaccinated.

All the vaccinations are only 85 percent effective, so this thing is going to be like the annual flu season.

Flu shots work only for LAST YEAR'S VARIANT.

So put all of this out of your mind. We're going to be fine.

All I'm thinking about is getting rid of tons of junk.

This is what Ron Coleman retweeted (a lawyer I trust)

"There is literally no Constitutional way in which an election can be "decertified". There is none. Not one."

From Jenna Ellis, Shipwreckcrew (Twitter name), Ron Coleman have all stated this

My quick take on the AZ audit hearing...

It is very clear that auditors have found fraudulent activity, but they also admit it will be impossible to get a clear figure without cooperation from Maricopa County on certain information they need.

Can Maricopa County be forced to give that to them and that will be the next fight

Terrible video and all of that info should have been available prior to the audit.

Not too much info.

Back to Fann. "This is about election integrity..." and so on.

She's warning everyone not to expect the election results to be overturned and this is all about our elections moving forward.

Has anyone found a link to the AZ hearing that has CC?

I'm at work and can't listen to it

I do hope all these audits conclusively prove significant fraud, and that, as a result, Dems lose everywhere in 2022.

As far as overturning the 2020 election(s), I'm not at all hopeful that any such thing will happen.

Changing the future is easier than changing the past.

So how do you deal with these people.

I can tell you that debating them does no good. These beliefs are far too engrained in their psyches.

The only thing to do is to shame them. Or ignore them.

No need to even address them directly.

Instead, you repeat the truth more often than they repeat the lies - and don't bitch about being silenced while doing it.

Find other ways. Oh, I know, some of those other ways are really inconvenient.

If they win. Inconvenience will feel like a blessing.

Happy that the US is finally leaving Afghanistan.

Trying to negotiate with the Taliban was never going to be in good faith

Time for closer allies...Israel and SA to take care of that shit hole

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