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They stole it.
We all know they did.
They know that we know.
They laugh and don't care.
We proved already we weren't going to do anything about the theft.

Think of everything that is happening in that context and suddenly the inexplicable is revealed in perfect clarity.

I pray to God, he sees fit to counter these demons from Hell and remove the democrats/liberals, Godless, evil, liars, from power.

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The Trump record will be impossible for future administrations to match.

For many, future generations, pundits will say, "When Trump was president, the jobs were.. the growth was.. race relations were.."

It's an impossibly hi bar to be compared against. Future DemocRATS will always have "The Trump Years" echoing throughout their empty skulls.

DemocRATS can't impeach that, or erase it and never get on the right side of it.

It's damn good to be on the right side of History!!

Mic drop!!!!

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I sure feel like the entirety of DC has failed Americans. And the world.

What a miserable, selfish, stupid group of shadily “elected” individuals & perma-employees who miraculously all get filthy rich serving the people while getting nothing done but misery for us.

They should all be forced to resign & We The People hold a disaster draft.

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It's over.

This is just a tactic by The Taliban to take ultimate power, without loss of men or materiel.

Once they have full control, they will start the killing, raping and terror.

And while it's happening, watch Biden & Co blame Trump & continue their vile assault on the Republic of the United States of America.

God help the innocent souls of Kabul, needlessly abandoned to their fates by Joseph Robinette Biden and his team of incompetent cowards, liars and traitors.

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Meanwhile the US ambassador and his team ran away like frightened little girls, leaving behind US troops and citizens in harm's way.

Biden is nowhere to be seen. Neither is anyone else from this useless administration.

I have never seen the like. It is shocking what they have done to America, in just 7 months.

Appalling, in every way.

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I should watch some bat videos. I can't stand Biden and his butt-suctioning phonies having anything to do with our country, our soldiers and our lives. September 11 is coming up and I feel much less secure than I did even a month ago. So help us, if there is another 9/11. I truly think the Democrats would cheer the deaths of Americans if they are not those they prefer. I don't trust them one bit. The 5 are getting away with COVID-19 killing thousands of elderly. Pierced tits says "Who Cares?"🤬🤬🤬

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My neighbor was in the US Army deployed to Afghanistan. She was seriously hurt and earned a Purple Heart for her sacrifice and valor. Today what she wrote on Facebook about her time there spent in vane. Today as she poured out her soul- I cried as I read her post. I sobbed as I read her written words. This piece of shit Democratic Party, led by fucking Captain Shit for Brains has got to go!!!

Never forget the hostages in D.C. Illegally held without being charged or allowed private visits from lawyers and family.
The Biden DOJ, aka Gestapo USA are criminals, including their Thief in Chief Joe Potatoe Head, Resident of the White House, foreign policy guru from hell.
CIC, Clown in Chief.

All Hail our great Ice Cream lover, Potatus, Basement dweller extraordinaire, conqueror of Board Games, the great flatulent POTATUS......

All Hail our Wanderer of Lawns unknown, the great Energy Wizard from Hell, Molester of Chilren, large and small...
All Hail Potatus, Thief in Chief.....

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@TearGasBreakfast Personally, I vote no. History will evaluate and judge what we did (or failed to do) in Afghanistan) and Iraq for that matter. Perhaps we should just watch the car crash in slow-motion and talk about it when it is over. Just pray for our guys who have to end this chapter and the Afghani who will endure what is coming.

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Everyone who wants to take the vaccine (of any type) should do so if they want. Drop’s explanations and threads are excellent. I’ve probably read them all.

Until some studies are in about outcomes with respect to what I have risk for, I won’t take any of them.

Some people are always on the bell curve lag line, therefore not ALL people SHOULD take the vaccine.


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Must Watch, Indiana Dr. speaks at a city council meeting about C-19, masks, and C-19 vaxx. "People who have recovered from the virus and get the vaxx are 2-4x more likely to have adverse reactions." Links to his cited studies can be found under the video in the comments. Give it a listen. This guy is not a quack.

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