@Debradelai I'll continue with Counter Insurgency operations until you address the nonsense of putting my account in a suspended state because I would not answer your demands!

As many as 80,000 people statewide who are living in the country illegally, including 30,000 on Long Island, will be able to obtain valid New York State driver’s licenses beginning Saturday.

This is the prison warden who limited my account because HE HAD AN ISSUE with a comment I made.

@Debradelai I know you see my posts!

Please be advised!

You have a bunch of double agents yelling "MAGA" and pretending to be on your side.

Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact this fight has gone to the next phase.

The hide in plain sight on social media, until they break cover and have to expose themselves.

I say put your faith in Trump and company, forget everything else.

Re: @Debradelai
This person has an issue with his administration privileges.

From Virginia, the same people that trying to call in the National Guard to seize people's weapons.

Notice the communication has gone dark, @Debradelai did you get your answer?

My comment about legal aliens, ops undocumented immigrants was not racist, that was your interpretation.

I see the "Double Agents" breaking cover because the narrative is shifting and they must censor from the truth from getting out!


So later Homie, don't jump on one foot awaiting a response to your asinine demands.

"You have 24 hours to answer my questions ."

Who do you think you're are?! If I don't answer your questions in 24 hours WHAT?!

Look the internet is a vast ocean and my computer is a ship.

I hope everyone sees our exchange.


I just had a thought. I wondered why in the hell my post made you so upset.

A epiphany came to me.
Methinks you might be a double agent. Track with me.

If my post was so bad then, everyone would've jumped down my throat.

You was the only person that had a problem with it and wanted me to adhere to you demands, after you stared to call me names.

If you allow @Debradelai to engage in this behavior, the same thing will happen here!!!

So later.....

It's a shame I'm being censored be of ONE PERSON'S OPINON.

I could post from newspapers across the nation that carry stories of illegal Allen vote fraud.

I could site Homeland security stats or hell I can site their 2018 investigation into voter fraud.

I could show multiple states that have granted illegal aliens the right to have driver licenses, vote in local election and in Cali to hold office but......

I'm not beholden to no one, not in life and on a damn forum.

I would like to thank everyone here.
I must leave now,

Thank you
Wizard C


@Debradelai has decided to lock my account because he cannot get the desired reaction form me.

I came to Quodverum to escape the tyranny of censorship on the internet.

As for M. Montes-Bradley II, I don't owe you an explanation! Who are you? Nothing but a Keyboard Warrior trying to live out the "last hurrah".

Dear Thomas,
I appeal to your sense of decency.
This is my engagement with Saul M. Montes-Bradley II @Debradelai

if you look at my timeline you can see the communication between him and myself.

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So anybody who thinks we should have love in our heart for these lowlife liars or pity for them, no. Let them reap what they sow. They are lying to save their own dishonest, worthless careers and to try to gain power. They have no redeeming values and are only out to run the country as a baby-murdering, perverse, lawless country. No thank you. It was obvious the Dems were going to go through with this and it’s time to put the hurt on them so they will regret everything they have done.

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