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Advocating? Wondering what the alternatives are if elections are not perceived to be fair. If the ballot box is nullified by corruption, what are the alternatives?


I’m just reading the headlines. WSJ seems to have inadvertently made the connection.

I guess this was China’s plan all along. Creat a virus, turn it loose then distribute the cure. All after trashing your competition’s economies.


Well the founders apparently decided one avenue to redress grievances was the bayonet. Is that what the court now requires before it’ll hear a case?

So now that the SCOTUS has told us that election laws aren’t important to them, what recourse do the people have? I forgot what the alternative to the ballot box is. Can someone remind me?


Our election here in CO was fixed. The numbers of voters vs the number of votes just don’t add up.


He’s a vacuous bag of meat. I’m actually getting satisfaction from this catastrophe... America is going to get everything it deserves until it decides to admit we are living in an occupied country... and our true POTUS has been unseated by a political coup.


NASA keeps banging the pandemic™️ drum like that has anything to do with landing on Mars ffs. It’s like every damned nature show on TV is required to mention GlobalWarming™️. Fear mongering to gain control is ubiquitous and getting very tiring.


A gibbering, glassy eyed phantasm.

Decaying before our eyes.

Truly the incarnation of the left at the end of their hegemony and power.

For those who assume the left are all powerful and omnipotent.

This literally transparent goblin is their Chosen One.

Cruel, vicious stupid and mad as a hatter

Like the fossilized, drooling, overbred, Habsburg relatives sent to rule provinces as the Austrian Empire went into decline

Do not fear the Dems

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Welcome to the People’s Republic of the USA comrades. Be very careful what you say and think.

Regardless of who played into who’s hands or gave credence to the claim of Trump supporters storming the capital:


Anyone with even a smidgen of common sense has known this for the past year. Tyrants with medical degrees should never be listened to.

Apparently the people who claim there was no increase in the overall death count last year are full of crap.


Fear is necessary to maintain control and power. That’s what the China flu has always been about and will always be about.

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