I guess this was China’s plan all along. Creat a virus, turn it loose then distribute the cure. All after trashing your competition’s economies.

So now that the SCOTUS has told us that election laws aren’t important to them, what recourse do the people have? I forgot what the alternative to the ballot box is. Can someone remind me?


He’s a vacuous bag of meat. I’m actually getting satisfaction from this catastrophe... America is going to get everything it deserves until it decides to admit we are living in an occupied country... and our true POTUS has been unseated by a political coup.


A gibbering, glassy eyed phantasm.

Decaying before our eyes.

Truly the incarnation of the left at the end of their hegemony and power.

For those who assume the left are all powerful and omnipotent.

This literally transparent goblin is their Chosen One.

Cruel, vicious stupid and mad as a hatter

Like the fossilized, drooling, overbred, Habsburg relatives sent to rule provinces as the Austrian Empire went into decline

Do not fear the Dems

@Debradelai @DuaneCates

Regardless of who played into who’s hands or gave credence to the claim of Trump supporters storming the capital:

Apparently the people who claim there was no increase in the overall death count last year are full of crap.

Who else thinks that Congress’ failed impeachment means Trump is still president? I mean, you can only attempt to impeach a sitting president right?

These 7 Republicans voted to charge DJT 👇

Richard Burr of North Carolina
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
Susan Collins of Maine
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Mitt Romney of Utah
Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Primary Time...Pass it on.

Do you know what the defense is to yelling fire in a crowded theater?

A fire.

There is nothing new under the sun. We are facing old evils in new garments.

In America 2021 you are fired from your employment for having the “wrong” political beliefs. You are hired for having the “correct”skin color or the preferred gender. Up is down. Respect for the rule of law, the constitution, is dead.

Love our new Rep from Colorado. Helps make up for the flaming disasters like Hickenlooper the moron.

Am I the only one whose sick to death of hearing the asinine Marxist Liberal propaganda on TV, radio ads, in the WalMart parking lot over loud speakers, on the mall PA system, on overhead freeway warning signs, in grocery store PA systems, pharmacy PA system, etc.

"Stay six ft apart, wear your mask, we're all in this together, We Care."

OMG, talk about brainwashing & RAT propaganda!! The dystopian world of Liberal insanity is here.


I drove 650+ miles to be there for that reason alone. Everyone I encountered was pleasant, positive and friendly. Nobody planned to storm the building or even talked that way.

The media has promoted the idea of a dangerous crowd storming the building and got the photo ops to support the narrative.

The actual atmosphere was as cordial as any rally. I am very glad that I attended.

My only regret is that the media narrative seems to have stuck, even with Trump supporters.

I appreciate the attributes of men. Physical strength: When they hold the door open for me, because my wrists are delicate and doors are often heavy.

Mental strength: Logic, honesty. I'd rather hear the truth. Even if it hurts it's meant for my good.
On the other side of that coin is dependability.
They will come to our physical and spiritual rescue in a heartbeat.
I appreciate that.

I just want you to know, because you are maligned/abused so often, you are loved and appreciated as well.


I think indoctrinating soldiers with 'critical race theory' is extremism.

Trump was a call to action of We The People - not one of violence of action (we have a dedicated fighting force that’s constitutionally sanctioned for that) Their leadership’s commissioned oath is to “support and defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Not Congress
Not corporate CEOs
Not the President...
the Constitution.

So it seems that POTUS Trump lost almost half of his fortune while he served this country as president.

This in stark contrast to all other politicians who heavily enriched themselves in "Government service."

If this is true then all the breathless accusations of Trump being a grifter were just another example of the left accusing others for what they themselves do.

It seems to be a common trait among their ilk.

Butt wipes, All. 😠

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.