The Bush/Cheney and Clinton/Gore Dynasties are dead. Also the Cuomo dynasty.

The Supreme Court rulings have been spectacular this season.

Trump continues to hold his own in the tidal waves of BS coming his way. Trump impeachers extinct.

Mitch is doing the best he can with the hand he's been dealt.

J6 is a bust.

DeSantis continues to impress. Youngkin wins Virginia. Abbot solid as ever.

Tired of hand wringing. We've come a long way since 2016.


Trump endorsed candidates are winning primaries.

Odds of winning the House of Rep. are solid, setting new priorities in oversight and hearings plus legislative muscle.

The Democrat Party is run by a few octogenarians that can't hold on much longer, and have no bench to pull from.

Are there any optimists that want to pile on? I'm tired of doom and gloom.

I don’t think it’s gloom and doom.
Some people are genuinely scared= panic.
BTW, Its nice to see you. Haven’t seen you in awhile.
Thanks for the thread.👍


Thanks Jaime, yes I'm back from a 3 month hiatus

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