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I don't want to take anything from Bonnie Raitt. I'm glad she got her kudos.

I'll just say Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead has been a proponent of organ donation for over 20 years. Every single dang concert. It's kind of a joke by now, but yet he keeps at it.

Carry on.

I find the whole argument distasteful and stupid.

If i'm a high school graduate, can I only disagree with other high school graduates? Can I question a college graduate? Who is the arbiter of who gets to disagree?

What status does one need to acquire in the United States of America to disagree with another?

I'm so socially awkward, I don't even know who's in the Super Bowl.

Do I need to turn in my man card?

Droll, monotone people with concrete facial expressions are not made for television.

I don't see a TV contract for Liz Cheney, even after she's well out of office. Nobody cares for her sour puss.

Black Cat Squadron

During the squadron's 14 years of existence, five U-2s were shot down by PRC air defenses

The Grammy's, Golden Globe's and Oscar's aren't for old folks. You are not their audience. Geez.

I kinda laugh at the hysterics of older folks as they age out of hip demographics.

Everyone trying to usurp Nena into their political agenda make laugh.

Gen-X off to explore everything in a 3 mile radius. We did this by pedal power, with one gear.

If I ever find myself in Russia, I'll make tables. They are fascinated with tables. Big ass tables.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.