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This is how i know the media is overhyping this to hurt PDJT.

I'm not saying the virus isn't serious, just their hyping of it.


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If I could save toilet paper by wiping my ass with Twitter, boy howdy would I.

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ANTIFA Terrorists Give Tips on How to Break Into Homes During Coronavirus Pandemic

This is the type of speech being platformed by Twitter.


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‪Wisdom from Ace of Spades 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻‬

‪ “If there's one profession that really enjoys the smell of its own farts, it's journalism.”‬

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Man, two hours and they're still going. This is amazing. POTUS is amazing.

There is NO WAY Biden, or even Sanders for that matter, could do this every day for two plus hours without stroking out.

What an idiot. If trump WERE using the government they'd be screaming about how he is an authoritarian dictator.

This is the RIGHT way to do things @atrupar. We don't WANT the government in the way s screwing things up.


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It is proven that Chinese Communist Party is responsible for the spread or creation of COVID19


The US Treasury Bonds they hold should be returned to the US Treasury thereby cancelling that corresponding amount of the National Debt.

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@ProfMJCleveland: "Old & Busted: Trump won't hold a press conference. What's he afraid of?
New & Hot: Trump won't stop holding press conferences. He's running a shadow campaign.

>@Jezebel: '"Prevented from holding campaign rallies, Trump is using the coronavirus pandemic as a sort of shadow campaign; he is likely delighted that they are broadcast to an audience of millions."

Don't let Trump get away with it trib.al/7d4lDsY'"


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Here's where I get absolutely pissed.

I don't think there is ONE person who thinks we shouldn't take the Wuhan Sniffles seriously. That we shouldn't wash our hands or even protect the most vulnerable.

What people have a problem with is the absolute mass hysteria over this when we don't do the same for the flu or anything else that kills.

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Must watch:
One of the most cited medical experts in Germany exposes the Wuhan Sniffles panic for the fraud that it really is:

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