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I wonder how the fact that all those conservative folks moving out of NY and CA to TX and FL the past 2 years affected the 2022 midterms

Seems like another blue states' lockdown impact


The anonymity of voting is preserved (note: I don't think anonymous voting is as good a deal as most think it is, but oh well), while the master list of serialized dollars could be published. These serial numbers for this elected position, how many were counted for each candidate, how many weren't cast, how many weren't issued because voters never showed up.


This has the effect of motivating people to go vote, even if they just pocket the cash - so much for allegations of suppressing voters!

Any stray non-scanned bills added to the lockboxes for any specific candidate (ballot stuffing, heh) would get tossed out

Vote lockboxes would get the same level of security as armored cars

Here's my batshit barking moonbats crazy idea to fix election problems:

Everyone shows up to vote

They're given a $1 bill for each election position

They can keep the money, and go back home, rewarded for NOT voting, or

They can put a dollar in a lockbox for each candidate, as their vote

Dollars are serialized, so no cheating - the dollars get scanned before and after voting. If someone puts two $1 bills in one candidate's lockbox, that'd get both bills disqualified as votes.

I thought Lake and Masters would win already. The recent additions of vote counts have me concerned, because they seem unusually at variance from the preceding trends.


To clarify - with my own limited and mixed state of knowledge and ignorance - Heshmat used to be a very active QV member, Saul had to block VPN access to QV to defeat horrid spam and bot accounts, and since Heshmat has to use a VPN for personal safety in Iran, Heshmat can't access QV right now.

Passing along news about Iran from one of QV's members - he has to use a VPN for personal safety, but is "with us always in spirit" as he continues to report news on Iran - right now it looks increasingly possible that the Iranian people may finally cast off the oppressive regime. Not much about this is the MSM:

Happy thought: Kari Lake taking her tv ad baseball bat to Maricopa tabulation machines on her first day as AZ Gov

Funny thought: Biden, Maxine Waters, and Senecktor Fetterlurch trying to order lunch together, and the chef asking who the hell ordered a buffalo momlette with slide of radish stumps


I guess we'll see how this plays out, Brother Dar - looking pretty far downslope from four commas right now

Cryptos crashing - digital tulip bulb balloon goes *pop*

Thinking about the granddaddy crypto today - Bitcoin

With electricity increasing in price, and Bitcoin mining increasing in difficulty, it seems there exists a crossover point where the cost/price to participate in the network in return for a "mining reward" results in a slower processing time as miners exit - decreasing the utility value of Bitcoin

What then happens to the price, as demand slips away?

As a commodity, Bitcoin sucks

My career before retirement earlier this year was CFO for small and mid-size businesses, with a finance background and degrees academically.

Lots of applied statistics

The modelling for how AZ and NV governors and senators should play out in favor of Team Red - things seem to be going that way since late last night

Yet the statistics adage "All models are wrong, but some are useful" comes to mind - I remain faithful in Math and G_d 🙏🦅💪

Blake looking good...

52 R vs 48 D in the Senate?

Nevermind Fetterman hiring attorney Mark Elias - who did his neckhunch hire?

Imagine if 20%+ of football plays during the Superbowl were fumbles... that's Maricopa today

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