The inventor of auto correct died yesterday

May he roast in peas πŸ˜”

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@WhirledPeas Garry I'm glad you're back here in earnest. I missed you for a bit!


Aw! (blush) had a bit of a cancer scare plus neurological disorder, but mostly back to normal πŸ‘

@WhirledPeas was that the guy who invented self adjusting steering for Tesla.


With you being the one posting this, the most natural question to ask about his roasting is:

Should the peas be whirled? 😜

And I'm glad that your cancer scare was only a scare, and not a more problematic issue.

Like @Joycevor, I'm happy to see you still here, alive and kicking πŸ™‚

Peace and health to you, my friend, and a happy Thanksgiving to you and all Quods, in particular @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis, @timr, and @wziminer!

@IrredeemableOne @WheatGirl @Dubby @MEMA

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