In other news today, China's Ministry of Procrastination decided to enter WW1 by attacking the United States with balloons

Some sizeable boulders and rocks fell off the seacliff into the beach across the street. Glad this happened around 3 am, usually some families with kids down there every day.

Lil 6.4 earthquake in the area this morning, knocked some stuff off shelves n looks like the scarp line that cuts through our 1/4 mile driveway in four places dropped about an inch on the lower side. Gonna check the foundation and lag bolts once it's fully light outside.

Many years ago as a grad student, I used to joke about changing to a philosophy degree and submitting a single blank white piece of paper as my dissertation on surrealism

It is with much chagrin that I see my "dissertation" now held up by thousands of Chinese as a form of protest against a communist dictatorship that calls itself a People's Republic

The inventor of auto correct died yesterday

May he roast in peas 😔 - "Physics study shows that sheep flocks alternate their leader and achieve collective intelligence"

This is a serious article, but boy howdy what a rich motherlode of joke ore 🤣

I suspect after elections, the Maricopa folks shut the doors, do cartwheels, and yell "The Aristocrats!"

So... many of our "elections" are dominated by folks who play games with paper, instead of legitimate votes.

How the hell do we get out of this mess in "blue" states?

Heh, found out Arizona has a backup option if the Dobbs travesty occurs:

Well... the midterms have me thinking that Elon Musk's idea about moving to Mars seems like a pretty good idea - one place in the solar system shows up Red on all the maps 😄

Feeling like one of the Browncoat veterans from the Firefly series today

Read somewhere today that if Republicans learn how to win using mail-in ballots, Democrats will immediately declare it's a "Danger to Democracy"

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.