Faith-based institutions were asked to be intermediaries (?!) between police and rioters.

Less than 400 National Guard were on reserve in Chicago at the time of this recording.

So of course, put *more people* in danger.

Aldermen keep asking for National Guard in despair, as it is a "wild, wild west" with people shooting.

One Alderman breaks down and mentions business owners carrying shotguns to protect their livelihood.

Lightfoot says she can't explain the behavior "in broad daylight" (to include shootings) and distracts by referring to nationwide protests.

She says people are "fucking lawless" and "we need to keep talking to them".

911 calls in Chicago maxed at 1,800 calls in a half hour at one point.

One Alderman says "The police can't keep up...I have never seen the likes of this."

Lightfoot says once a site is cleared by police, if the police leave, the site is harmed again. Police resources are limited and she DENIES certain areas being prioritized over others.

It isn't hard to see that police have been overwhelmed in Chicago.

She says it "looks bad" for the National Guard to enforce law and order, despite admitting that HUNDREDS of sites have been harmed beyond the capability of police forces. And she says to "talk to the young people" about stealing. Incompetence.

Lightfoot clearly LIES about the National Guard, saying it cannot police in urban areas. Right here in a listing of NG training, it includes urban training.


She says people are "fucking lawless" and "we need to keep talking to them".

The very definition of delusional.

This one is a candide for psychiatric treatment.

Don Surber
If he were dead, former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley the Son might be rolling in his grave. For 4 years, Daley and the Democrats fought to stop Walmart from entering the city named for onions.

Now Mayor Lori Lightfoot is begging Walmart to remain.


The Left is amoral.

There are no standards.
Words have mutable meaning.
It's not a lie if you believe it.
Honor is a fairytale.
Everything is a tool to further the cause.
The ends justify the means.
By whatever means necessary.

"The whole of the law shall be do as thou wilt."

Long video of the night of the attack. Shows this was coordinated attack by Antifa and BLM. They work together.

Here's some video of the attack on the Minneapolis police station. Appears the surrounding building were burnt first and then they went after the station.

Also shows they were using lasers to keep the helicopters away.

Something I caught in these videos. Someone accused the Antifa thug smashing the windows of the Auto Zone of being a cop. The guy filming the fires talks about rumours that the person who burnt the Auto Zone was a cop. Of course this is ridiculous. It just appears to show there was coordinated disinformation by Antifa to turn the people on the law and create anarchy.

Here's the google map link to the scene of this terrorist attack.

Also it was right next to the Minneapolis police station that got burnt down.

This was all planned out.,-9

Done footage of South Minneapolis buildings burning after the riots. You can see the burnt Auto Zone from the previous video. It's the one next to Wendy's at the 0:40 mark.

This Auto Zone was later burnt down. Seems Antifa was breaking the windows first and then would set it on fire later. Breaking the windows give the fires more oxygen to burn.

This was an organized coordinated attack on the country.

I don't know if they even understand that. If I were one of their political advisors, I'd be pressing this point pretty hard.

As time goes on, these states will only be further hurting their case for aid, since the federal government can (and should) say, "look, you didn't need to extend your lockdown until [some future time and date] but you did so anyway. Why should we help you clean-up the mess YOU made?"

Or put another way, the state's leverage in a negotiation over aid money will erode the longer they try drawing this thing out.

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