Starting to smell like a break up coming down the road to me ...

"the new investigation could dovetail with plans by the U.S. Justice Department, which last month announced its own antitrust review that will focus on tech companies including Alphabet Inc. ’s Google unit and Facebook Inc."

3) My guess Trump warned the Mayor not to support a domestic terrorist organization (Antifa).

So the choice was work with Federal Agents to enforce the laws of the country or Trump calls in the National Guard.

Mayor Wheeler choose wisely to work with Federal Agents.

From this outcome I'd say Antifa won't be welcomed in US cities anymore. This is good news.

The End

2) Wheeler talks about incident with Antifa trying to circle around the City to attack the Patriot groups. Calls it a dynamic situation. Then thanks the FEDS for coming up with a plan beforehand to counter this.

I talked about in a previous thread. The aerial footage of how they prevented from Antifa causing a riot is there to see.

Here's a picture of how it ended for Antifa....surrounded by FED Swat teams in unmarked SUVs.


1) Obvious Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was read the riot act by POTUS Trump. (pun intended)

In the attached post press conference (4:40 mark) Mayor Wheeler reading from a script talks about keeping the extremists on BOTH sides separated to prevent violence.

Talks about protecting peoples rights to assembly and expressing their opinions.

Mentions enforcing the law.

He also says it was "humbling" working with FEDERAL partners.

IMHO Wheeler got bitch slapped by Trump.

"Rural people are so backwards and corny

Now if you excuse me I have to finish dressing in my tiny apartment on the 22nd floor of a brutalist monstrosity before descending to the subterranean tunnels to ride a cattle car across town to generate profit for a faceless corporation"

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I never thought Hitery came close to her vote total legally.

1. demonKKKrats don't & can't win elections without fraud of some sort

2. where demonKKKrats rule unopposed, IE: Calif., they changed the voting system to insure they never again lose an election

Good read.

The ‘Jersey Shore’-ification of the Elite

It used to at least be possible to pretend that America was governed by people of good character. For a brief moment, it was undoubtedly true. Twitter has dispelled that illusion once and for all. It has become clear that we are ruled by preening, moronic sociopaths, whose idea of governance is something like a “Mean Girls” drama, and whose notion of public speaking is entitled performance art.


95% of global warming scientists - who receive millions of dollars in government grants - all agree that in order to keep their cushy free-money jobs that global warming is real.

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1 of 2

There are several saving graces.

1. Inability to IMPROVE on stolen technology.

2. Total lack of quality control in manufacturing.

3. Corruption that has to be seen to be believed.

4. A pathological need to exaggerate their capabilities.

5. A pathological need to degrade western technology by putting their own cultural stamp on it.

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Three of them.

They reverse engineered them, creating perfect copies that even included ENGLISH-LANGUAGE labels on the instrumentation.

The Tupolev Tu-95 Bear is a direct descendant of the B-29.

I love it to death, but it's beyond obsolete. It's also the loudest aircraft ever built.

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Basic rule: Communism/Socialism sucks!! Every country that tries it eventually collapses due to the political corruption.

China will NOT be an exception to this rule.


I love how the Times thinks that trump was passively waiting for Mueller's report, and then Trump breathed a sigh of relief and became "emboldened."

You can bet that during the investigation, Trump went WEEKS without thinking about Mueller.

The Times is blinded by its rigidity and orthodoxy.

This is why NOTHING THEY DO can stop Trump.

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Are people gloomy again?

Silly me.

What I meant to ask is, "Are people still taking their cues from wildly left-wing news sources and click-bait opportunists posing as conservatives?"


Greenland has a vast deposits of rare earth minerals.

People scoffed when it was suggested we buy Alaska from Russia... for 7.2 million.

As the Social it Democrats get ever more desperate and violent, as they will, just remember: it's always darkest just before dawn.

This is a new dawn, an we will be free from their idiocies for a generation.

The lots are cast.

It is, indeed, morning in America.

And there is nothing her enemies can do about it but throw their last tantrum.

"Democracy dies in darkness" is probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard, particularly coming from the Washington Post.

And when he kills someone=
"Jesus! Fella! why'd you do that? You had no REASON to do that!"

Trump is going to CURE California by dumping headlong into it's own Cesspool.

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