A lot of Trump opponents are fond of saying, "he constantly lies!"

And yet, they never provide any evidence of him doing so.

@ThomasWic @virgilkane What a shame. I'm friends with Mexicans here in CA who have integrated with American culture. They are ashamed at the corruption of Mexico & its government. My friend Victor says Mexico will never be great because "es un pais gobernado por ratas"

"...Sept. 26 raid, Lyons was also served with a federal grand jury subpoena demanding a wide range of records... the entire Democratic Organization of Lyons Township — headed by state Sen. Steven Landek.

... the latest public disclosure in a sprawling federal political corruption investigation that has rocked Springfield... the traditional power base of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.


It's important to remember that these people genuinely don't believe in free speech, only their speech.

Anything that differs from what they consider truth, they consider to be "dishonest", "incorrect", "untruthful", "hateful", or as Warren calls it, "lies and misinformation".


Just for fun I looked at the website for the Communist Party USA. There's really no difference in their platform and that of the Democrats.


@Elaines2cents @SpiceOfOurLife

When the world turned away from coal, production didn't decrease significantly...

and Al-Jubeir explains how Saudi Arabia believes that the production of oil and oil byproducts will increase as well...

then Haass makes all kinds of faces towards the end of his answer... I don't quite know what he was doing with his mouth...

@Elaines2cents @SpiceOfOurLife

I don't think that Haass liked his answer on what Saudi Arabia's plans were for oil in the future.

If you look, starting at time stamp 47:54 when the question is asked about fossil fuels... Haass gets very animated, agitated and looks at times to be in distress. (Holding on to his chair, reeling back, shocked faces)

Al-Jubeir says "the world might go with renewable energy"...

And that's something that I always find irritating:

We, as a country, have been trained, even subconsciously, to view progressive policy proposals as "good", and conservative proposals as "bad", "backwards", "evil", or "inhumane". Even I occasionally find myself briefly thinking, "these are good, humane ideas", until logic kicks in.

It's because of the power of marketing and suggestion. These ideas are marketed as being "good", even when they're not, and that subconscious draw is powerful.

To them, his campaign promises seem reasonable, even good. Humane, perhaps.

But in reality, he wants to implement the same failed policies that haven't worked anywhere else they've been tried.

But you wouldn't get that based on what he's said.

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