No, seriously. Try not to laugh when you read this.

I dare you.

No, I triple dog dare you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t blame me if you ruin your keyboard or phone as you spit coffee all over.

What a fuckin joke.
Give an idiot a list of trigger words and have them create a fictitious story around them.
Didn't we use to do that in Elementary school?
People who spew this Dime novel crap don't have the slightest understanding of those they write about.
But they are writing for Stupid peoples entertainment.

@DeWalt @West_Coast
I noticed they avoid th "why he is angry" part throughout the article, instead showing him as angry and frustrated.
I agree this is a click bait article, sadly it seems the media really does not understand.

@DeWalt @West_Coast
Yes we have the the 3ws "wash you hands, watch your distance, wear your mask outweighing the 5ws journalism 101 who what when where and why.

@Timmerax @West_Coast
I'm like the Mexican Guy meme.
But I don't have a word for it.

@Timmerax @West_Coast
If,IF they did an actual interview, do you think they knew they were interviewing an FBI Agent?

@Timmerax @DeWalt What had me laughing the hardest is they ACTUALLY believe this crap just as much as the nut job Q tards out there.

@West_Coast @Timmerax
It's a Wet Dream Fantasy for them.
The largest Unorganized Militia on the Planet has more self control than any organized government.

@DeWalt Law abiding gun owners have over 300 million guns and 12 trillion rounds of ammo. Seriously y’all, if we were the problem, you’d know it.

@DeWalt @West_Coast

That's the biggest clickbait bullshit I ever read.
One thing for sure, stupid shit like this sure doesn't help the Democrats at all.
Any Trump supporter and even some of those who are not Trump supporters are not buying into this narrative they keep trying to push, most think it's so ridiculous they laugh and roll their eyes at it.

@DeWalt @West_Coast

This is the stupidest shit I ever read, it's saying that a news organization could track 100 people who made death threats that just happen to be Trump supporters, well, why haven't those 100 people been arrested if that were the case? Making death threats is a crime.

@DeWalt @West_Coast
"More than 100 violent threats, many of them death threats, were leveled at poll workers and election officials in battleground states in 2020, according to an investigation by Reuters published in September—all those threat-makers whom Reuters could contact identified as Trump supporters."


@CClark @West_Coast
They don't even try to make their stories believable. It's pure crap for Stupid peoples consumption.

@CClark @DeWalt @West_Coast Looks like there’s an effort afoot to make the “Civil War” thing the next big liberal scare…

@Brildor61 @CClark @West_Coast
Not a big leep for them. The Leftists 30% have always been scared shitless of us. As well they should be.

@Brildor61 @CClark @West_Coast
We're not afraid of them. That is their saving grace.
The ink they crap is for their own consumption.

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